The Complete Guide to Camping with Friends

Some of the greatest memories you can make with friends are sitting around a campfire, exchanging stories, telling jokes and staring up at the stars. When planned well, a camping trip can provide plenty of memorable moments that will create longer, stronger friendships. To ensure you make the most of your experience, we are offering some helpful tips for camping with friends.

Put a Date in a Diary

It can often seem difficult for friends to find the time to come together as a group. People live different lives raising families, juggling a busy work schedule or a hectic social life. That is why you should contact all your friends to agree on a date for a camping trip, with the aim of choosing a weekend that suits everyone’s schedule.

Divide the Camping Equipment Between Friends

There is no point bringing ten tents when five will do. Ask your friends what camping equipment they have and decide upon who will bring each item. If this is the first time both you and your friends have gone camping, split the cost of the camping gear so you can enjoy a more affordable trip away. However, everyone should be responsible for the personal items, such as a sleeping bag and weatherproof clothing.

Plan Your Meals

Different people will eat different things, so plan your meals in advance so you can establish the meals you will make and the ingredients you need to bring. Again, pool your resources to share the cost of food, so one person isn’t forced to split their meal with a forgetful friend. There are many quality campfire recipes online to help you create delicious meals night after night.

Turn Off Your Smartphone

Try and view camping as an opportunity to disconnect from modern technology. You should turn off your smartphone and any other electronics from the moment you step inside a campsite, try to remember that this is your chance to be at one with nature, and a vibrating phone or funny meme will prevent you from doing so.

Carpool to the Campsite

There is no point in everyone bringing their cars when the group could save money by carpooling. Not only is it a great way to cut back on expenditure, but it will allow your trip to start earlier as you will have more fun on the road. Everyone should chip in for gas to ensure the driver doesn’t have to pay the price for the road trip and ensure you save your directions, as you may lose phone signal once you are close to the wilderness.

Share Camping Chores

Every group has one lazy friend who is happy for others to cook their meals or clean up after them. While they often enjoy a great trip, it can ruin another person’s camping experience. Make an agreement that everyone is responsible for sharing the camping chores, from pitching tents to building a fire and collecting water. The more people that are willing to help, the quicker the tasks will be completed, and the sooner you can all enjoy the outdoor adventure. It will also prevent tension and arguments arising within the group.

Pack Snacks

If there is one thing that can turn a good trip into a great trip, it is snacks around a campfire. That’s why you should stock up on treats for the whole group to enjoy once the sun goes down. For instance, you can pass a bottle of whiskey around to warm you up on a cooler evening. Better get a cooler, you may check marine coolers review to know what’s the best among all available in the market. Roast marshmallows or create delicious s’mores over a campfire. You know that sounds good.

Take Photographs

A camping trip with friends is bound to be jam-packed full of amazing memories, which is why you should take plenty of photographs to ensure they remain fresh in your mind for years to come. Snap photos of singing songs around the campfire or heading off on a hiking trail.

Once the experience is over, share the photos with your friends on social media, so they will have a copy, too. Each time you look at the photographs, all those fantastic memories will feel like only yesterday – and you will probably want to plan another camping trip!

Pack for All Weather Conditions

Even the hottest days can turn to rain or thunderstorms. Don’t be caught off-guard and pack clothing to suit all weather conditions. From a waterproof coat to a lightweight jacket, ensure you have enough clothes to suit every temperature. While the sun might be beaming throughout the day, there could be a chill in the air by the evening, so pack extra layers and blankets, too.

Boost Your Energy

It’s important to keep your energy up when on a camping trip, as you may want to embark upon various physical activities, such as hiking, swimming or kayaking. Stock up on protein with canned beans, beef jerky, peanut butter, trail mix, drink powders and granola bars. In addition to boosting your energy, the items will not spoil in your bag, and they will not require any cooking, so they’re great to take with you on a long day of activities.

Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget always to keep a water bottle to hand to prevent dehydration. Only drink water from a campsite faucet or boil a fresh body of water and add purification tablets. Aim to drink a minimum of 16 ounces of water per hour when performing a high-intensity outdoor pursuit.

Perform Activities as a Group

Be realistic when planning an outdoor activity during a camping trip, as a friend might be unable to perform the adventure, such as climbing a mountain. Consider everyone’s fitness levels and skills before suggesting an activity, so you can all enjoy an outdoor experience together. No-one wants to admit they can’t do something or drag the group behind, which could ruin not only a friend’s experience but everyone’s trip.

Before you reserve a campsite, discuss your different options, needs and budget with your friends to create a camping experience everyone will enjoy.

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