Why Filipino Moms are going to love Pop Tops: Australia’s Favorite Kid’s Juice Drink

With school opening fast approaching, Filipino moms get busy planning their kids’ school needs and requirements.

Besides books and uniforms, they need to prioritize their kids’ nutritious baon, looking for healthy options that are easy to prepare and attractive enough for their kids to enjoy.

But nowadays, this combination can be challenging to find, especially in kid’s beverages. Fortunately, we have a solution. Introducing Pop Tops: Australia’s Favorite Kids Juice Drink.

From the bottle to the juice, Pop Tops is a kids beverage designed to entice the young ones with its taste and packaging. Each Pop Tops comes in a handy-lunch box sized 250ml serving, perfect for little tots’ drinking needs, and for moms to carry in their purse.

The bottle has a child-friendly grip designed for little hands, and a smaller drinking spout to avoid spillage and mess. With a pop-up cap, the drink is re-sealable, allowing kids to enjoy their juice during long trips and vacations. With the right serving size, moms will have a peace of mind that their kids get the nutrients they need in the amount that they want.

“One of the main dilemmas parents have is persuading their children to eat or drink what they have prepared. Pop Tops prioritizes to make the beverage attractive and easy-to-use for your child, so that they can have all the nutrients in a drink they can enjoy. This makes life a lot easier for busy parents who want the best for their children,” shares Atlas Global Advantage managing director Hans Nathan Ching.

Unlike most artificial drinks marketed today, Pop Tops is made from real fruit juice, with 30 percent less sugar and less sodium, and has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Pop Tops juices are made in Australia, with the highest quality and safety standards that our children deserve. Coming in apple and orange flavors, its natural taste has been universally enjoyed both by kids and parents for generations.

Adding fun to the kids’ drinking experience are the colorful characters from the Pop Tops bunch, led by Alfi Apple and Oli Orange. Aside from being a daily kid’s beverage, Pop Tops is so attractive and engaging that it can be an ideal giveaway for birthday parties and other special occasions.

“Pop Tops was developed with health and safety in mind. It is not enough that each child is satisfied. They have to benefit from what they consume in the long run. Each drink they consume is an investment in their future health, and Pop Tops is the only kids beverage that delivers this in a way that children will love,” says director Neil Vincent Ching
Our children are the most special people in our lives, and they deserve something special like Pop Tops. Australia’s favorite kids’ fruit juice drink Pop Tops is now available in SM Snack Exchange, Rustans Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, and SM Hypermarket nationwide. To know more about Pop Tops, follow @poptopsph via Instagram.

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