How Utilizing Novelty Could Change Your Life For the Better

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It’s all too easy to get stuck in the same repetitive life cycle, and if you are anything like the rest of us, you probably have a favorite restaurant, movie theater and shopping arcade. Life can certainly seem like a rollercoaster, with the same highs and lows every month dictated by routine and previous experiences. One reason we like holidays so much is for the chance to do something totally new, something that breaks the cycle of normal life. But what about those people that go to the same place for their holiday every year, how can they experience that great feeling of being in a situation they’ve never been in before? Read on for top ways to utilize the power of novelty, and make your life feel exciting again.

Do More Things
The first way to get that fresh feeling of novelty is to widen your day to day experiences. Go to that park you’ve never been to, and if you never go to the theater buy some cheap tickets and see if you like it. The next time you have a spare afternoon, use it to do something different. Even if it’s just shopping at a totally different store for your groceries this week, injecting a little novelty into your life can make your life seem more exciting.

See More People
Are you always being invited to events but always finding reasons not to go, perhaps there are old friends who simply don’t make the effort anymore as they don’t expect to see you? If you are a dedicated mom, it might be that you don’t feel like you have the time (or energy). You do, however, need to take time off to see people. Make sure once a month you go out to a new bar and have a drink with somebody new, or somebody you haven’t seen for a long time.

Look After Yourself
Used to chucking some things in the over from the freezer after a long day at work? Look into some quick, healthy dinners and see if you enjoy the change; it will definitely make you feel better. If you smoke, get an Ego vape package and start the transition away from cigarettes. By engaging in healthy eating and cutting back on smoking, you will definitely feel better.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
It’s too easy to engage in pointless dramatics and allow them to entice us by providing short term entertainment. Why else do we gobble down bites of gossip about people we hardly know, for example? Although people feed on micro-social stimulation, they are also damaged by it. When you feel yourself getting anxious about inconsequential things, use affirmation to remind yourself of all the things that have gone to plan so far. If you are late for work, and the shoes you are wearing pinch your feet and your other half is making unreasonable requests, instead of worrying about how you will cope with the day, remind yourself that you are good at what you do.

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