There is nothing like treating your dog to a grooming session at the pet spa in Plymouth MI. It feels good to know your four-legged friend is clean and healthy. A grooming session involves a trained staff, pet-friendly products and soothing environment. It is just what your dog needs to feel relaxed after a long day of running around. A pet spa offers a variety of grooming services, and here are five services to consider for your dog.

Spa Bath

The spa bath consists of massaging and cleansing their body with warm water and shampoo. The shampoo washes away the unpleasant odors that come with being a dog, and a gentle massage melts away any stress or tension. The bath ends with a fluff dry and brush out.

Spa Groom

A spa groom starts out with the spa bath, which is great if you are looking to treat your dog to both services. The bath is followed by soothing conditioner before a breed specific cut and style. A staff member also cleans their ears, trims their nails and trims the excess fur between their pads. The spa groom ends with a fluff dry and spritz of aromatherapy cologne.

Bubble Bath Pawdicure

There is nothing like a pawdicure to keep their nails trimmed and pads clean. Your dog relaxes in a bath of vanilla, milk thistle and bath oils to help him feel refreshed. The products are full of vitamins to create a calm environment. The bubble bath ends with a pawdicure from a trained staff member.

Ultra-Rich Coat Conditioner

This is a great treatment if your dog has damaged, dry or long fur. The staff uses a conditioner containing ingredients such as aloe and colloidal oatmeal. The conditioner helps to heal their damaged fur and leave it feeling soft. Your dog is sure to feel better after this conditioning treatment.

Hypoallergenic Treatment

The staff uses products that are full of vitamins to leave their skin and fur feeling smooth and clean. The aromatherapy of lavender and hydrolyzed oatmeal relieve tension and help your dog to relax. It is a great way to keep your dog comfortable as a staff member washes his body with the hypoallergenic products.

Your dog deserves only the best treatment when it comes to grooming, and this is why the pet spa in Plymouth provides a friendly staff and soothing products for each session.

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