Do you want to save money on fuel each month? Well, all you need to do is improve your car’s gas mileage. There are many ways to stretch your gas, so you will not have to fill up your gas tank too many times throughout the month. Read our top tips to improve your gas mileage.

1. Remove Excess Weight
Do you often carry items in the trunk of your car? It could be adding unnecessary weight onto your vehicle. This will result in your engine needing to work much harder to move the vehicle. Unfortunately, this reduces your gas mileage, which can take its toll on your finances. Remove the excess weight from your car to lighten the load, which will allow you to enjoy more miles per gallon.

2. Use the Correct Motor Oil
Don’t make the big mistake of adding any type of motor oil into your car, as different engines will function best with different oils. For instance, a petrol Ford vehicle will need a different oil in comparison to a diesel Nissan from Edinburgh. If you add a heavier oil than the recommended type, it could cause too much friction. The engine will again have to work twice as hard and will burn through more fuel. Always review the car manual to identify the recommended motor oil for your car, which can decrease your gas mileage.

3. Inflate Your Tires
Reduce your gas mileage by successfully inflating your tires. Even a slightly under-inflated tire that is undetectable to the eye could play havoc with your mileage. Your engine will have to use more fuel to move the car, so make the process a breeze by filling air into your tires to the indicated pressure level stated in the owner’s manual. So, whenever you fill up the tank at the gas station, check your tires at the same time.

4. Replace Both Your Air Filter and Spark Plugs
Improve your car’s longevity by replacing both your spark plugs and air filter during a maintenance check-up. As a result, your engine will efficiently burn fuel, which will help you save a considerable amount of money over time.

5. Replace the Gas Cap Seal
The rubber seal on your gas cap can wear over time. Unfortunately, this will allow oxygen to sneak its way into your gas tank, which will cause the engine to burn more gas. It’s therefore important to check and replace a gas cap seal when necessary, which is often easy to replace. It is recommended to replace the gas cap seal every couple of years to ensure no oxygen will enter the tank.

6. Drive at or Below the Speed Limit
Did you know that cars will burn les fuel at a speed of 60 miles or higher per hour? Driving at or below the speed limit can therefore have a positive impact on your gas mileage, whilst making the roads much safer for other drivers and pedestrians. However, the efficiency of car speeds will vary for different manufacturers.

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