RCBC reveals “We believe in you” Philosophy

Rizal Commercial Bank Corporation (RCBC) has been in the banking business for about 57 years and has surpassed the tests of times, especially when it comes to providing financial solutions to its customers, which made it one of the leading universal banks in the country. Being true to their commitment, it recently launched its new logo and tagline, “We Believe in You”. This signals a new beginning of providing excellent and trustworthy banking services to all Filipinos.

According to Mr. Gil A. Buenaventura, RCBC President and CEO, this evolution means more committed, refreshed and re-energized RCBC that is ready to face the constantly evolving Philippine banking industry. This is also in line with RCBC’s 57th year of excellent business in the Philippines.

The tagline “We Believe in You” signifies that RCBC supports and trust the indomitable spirit of every Filipino, as well as, to encourage every Filipino to pursue the dreams they have – like travelling, venturing into a new business or buying a new home or car, among others – and make it (or them) a reality.

RCBC’s new logo is made simpler to reach out to every Filipinos from all walks of life – even the millennials! This shows that even younger generations can start to save and eventually, grow their money in a trusted bank. The RCBC Chief Marketing Officer, Miss Ces Natividad, revealed that the new RCBC logo and timeline was unveiled as a response to the changing market. She added, “We wanted to know what products and services today’s depositors actually need, and we strived to understand what makes them believe and trust a particular bank. We realized that today’s depositors need an approachable bank that responds to their needs, and believes in the value of their dreams and aspirations”.

RCBC wanted the Filipinos to be aware that the bank believes there is no limitation in every one’s dream to achieve something as long as they start to work on it earlier for their future. This can be possible as long as one truly believes in himself, especially with the help of a trusted bank that likewise believes in making one’s dreams come true by providing sound advises and appropriate financial solutions.

Based on the estimates of the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), 1/3 of the Philippine population are made up of millennials, in relation to this, a Labor Force Survey conducted by PSA in 2015, showed that 47.1% of the 47 million labor force belongs to the 15-34 age group. With this statistics in mind, RCBC concluded that more and younger Filipinos need bank services to assist them in managing the financial aspect of their lives.

Natividad mentioned that RCBC offers a wide array of financial-related products to its valued customers such as Debit Cards that depositors can have when they open an RCBC savings or checking account; the Unit Investment Trust Funds and iSave, an automatic deduction from existing RCBC payroll accounts, to help customers allot money for future purposes. RCBC also has an unli 0% option of RCBC Bankard to provide cardholders the freedom to manage their expenses.

In the frist quarter of 2017, RCBC reached a consolidated net income of P1 billion; assets also increased to P526 billion as of March 2017 as well as, RCBC’s total number of branches (489 branches) and the ATM terminals is now more than 1,500

Natividad emphasized that, “We are confident that the new brand logo and new corporate tagline, and the re-energized service of the bank, will resonate with more Filipinos. We believe that they can accomplish great things if they put their hearts and mind into it, and RCBC will always be their partner to help them succeed,”

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