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Fresh fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals to nourish the body. But since not all vegetables are created equal, it is always a wise choice to pick the ones that give you the most nutrients. In this aspect, the Malunggay is one of the best picks. Over the past years Malunggay has been known for its immense nutritional value. It can be cooked as part of your meal or taken as a supplement like the Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule. Now, what makes the Malunggay a wonder vegetable?

According to Trees for Life International, gram-for-gram Malunggay leaves has more Vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas. That’s a load of antioxidants that can help your body get rid of free radicals and protect your cells from being damaged. It is also said that Malunggay leaves are rich in sulphur containing amino acids methionine and cystine which play an important role in forming new proteins needed by the cells in our body. Its exceptional calcium content also helps lactating mothers produce more milk for their babies.

The Malunggay leaves have great nutritional value that it is believed to promote health and prevent certain health disorders. Health benefits may include reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, good eyesight, and better digestion. It may also help with the prevention of chronic disorders like arthritis, heart ailments, cancer, and kidney diseases. There are even instances when it is used to help in treating asthma, earache, scurvy, and headaches. A recent study also confirms that Malunggay leaves can help lower blood sugar levels as well as risks for heart attack or stroke.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to get your nourishment from the Malunggay leaves. You can either cook the leaves as part of your meals or take it in capsule form. One capsule of Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule contains 500mg of pure and fresh Malunggay leaves. This means you get the nutritional value of the Malunggay leaves without going through the trouble of gathering leaves and cooking them. The capsules are also made from vegetable and not animal substances which makes it a good choice even for vegetarians.

We got to learn more about the Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule last Saturday, July 1, 2017, during an event that they sponsored. Ms. Angela Lei “Chichi” Atienza – Valdepeñas, sister of TV personality Kim Atienza, gave us a rundown on the background of Atienza Naturale.

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Dr Rainier Neri Mozo was also there to share with us the findings of his landmark study on the potential use of Malunggay leaves for lowering and regulating blood sugar levels of patients. The 12-week study made use of the Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule to ensure that the leaves are given in standard doses. Another reason why they picked the Atienza Naturale Capsules is because it featured the purest form of the herb and it can be taken conveniently. The results showed a mean reduction of 0.6% in the blood glucose level of patients after regular dosage of malunggay capsules.

The best way to nourish the body is through natural means but let’s face it, we can only consume so much fruits or vegetables in a day. Sometimes this may not even be enough to fill our daily nutritional requirement. The Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule provides you with a convenient and natural way to nourish the body. It makes use of pure malunggay leaves in powder form in a vegetable capsule. Another bonus is that its benefits can be supported by studies. I guess you can say that it’s easy to be naturally healthy with Atienza Naturale.

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