The 3 Most Popular Beach Cruiser Bike Colors For Women

Everything is a fashion statement here in Southern California.  Here, teacup Yorkies’ at Sunday brunch dress better than prom queens in most of the rest of the country.  People put a lot of thought into the appearance of their cars; this is one of the first things that visitors to L.A. notice.  Why not make a fashion statement with your bike?  Sure, you could go with a basic women’s beach cruiser bike, but why not choose something more eye-catching?  Why not choose a beach cruiser for women in a color scheme fit for a starlet?  These are the three trendiest colors for beach cruisers seen on Southern California’s beaches this summer:


This light pink shade, with a slight golden tinge, is the color of seashells and California sunsets.  It is also a popular color for Southern California architecture.  In any other movie except Shut Up, Little Man, the Pepto-Bismol Palace would have been called the Coral Palace.  You simply cannot ask for a beachier bike color than coral.


This vibrant purple color calls to mind California’s fresh produce.  It is the perfect color for a bike that takes a tour of California’s wine country.  The wine grapes will see themselves in the color of your bike.  A plum-colored bike looks absolutely stunning when the sun reflects off of it as you ride along the beach.  Best of all, it is about the same color of a sea anemone.


Teal is a perennial favorite color of fitness-minded women everywhere, especially in Southern California.  It is the color of the ocean when the sun shines on it just before sunset.  It gives a beautiful shimmer on Southern California days.

Best of all, you can mix and match colors for a beach cruiser bike that was made to be seen.

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