Feed Your Baby With Organic Baby Food

Since the beginning, new born babies have been fed breast milk. Infant formula made from cows’ milk came later and many mothers took the easy way out especially when most of them were working mothers. Instead of feeding their baby breast milk, they fed them with infant formula made from cows’ milk. Much later, the medical people found that the best milk is still the mother’s own breast milk.

After the babies have reached about 4 months or more, many babies will show interest of wanting to try something other than liquid milk. So mothers started to feed their baby soft food which we now called baby food. Babies at 4 months are without teeth and they are just beginning to learning to chew with their gums. They can only take in liquid paste or soft food specially prepared for them and which can be easily consumed and digested.

Mothers want to give their baby the best but mothers must take care to prepare homemade organic baby food with organic vegetables, fruits or cereals. The baby food is usually prepared and cooked and then pureed into liquid paste or they are carefully mashed for baby’s safe and easy consumption.

As the babies progress to about 6 months, they like to pick up little pieces of food with their little hands to feed themselves. Mothers can then prepare soft food in small pieces for their babies, making sure that the food pieces are soft and small enough so that the babies do not choke on them.

In our modern society, many mothers are working mothers and they do not have the time to prepare healthy homemade baby food for their babies. The best alternative is to buy premade baby food manufactured by organic baby food companies. These baby food are produced in such a way so as to retain as much of the natural nutrients and vitamins from the natural food used. The baby food are packed in light packages and can be easily mixed with breast milk, infant formula or water and they are then ready for feeding the baby.

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