We all have that one box filled with photos, ticket stubs, and other items that are filled with memories from high school or our days at the university. Some of you may even have more than a box of school memorabilia. It’s nice to be able to open these boxes every now and then and remember the good old days.

I was visiting a friend the other day when I saw what she did with the items she collected in college. Her box of memories gave me some interesting ideas on how to turn school mementos into beautiful decorative pieces for every room. Let’s give them a try, shall we?

3D Art

If you love DIY and crafts, you are most likely already familiar with 3D art. It is a new form of scrapbooking that utilizes 3D space instead of the usual 2D scrapbooks. There are photo frames designed to be deeper than the conventional frames. These frames offer more depth to play with, so you can arrange items in a more 3D way.

3D art from school mementos can be really beautiful when done correctly. You can start by getting a frame of the right size and creating a background for the whole scene. A photo of the university building you used to visit every day or the nearby park would make a great background for the decorative piece.

You can then add more photos and memories to the 3D art. Use DIY kits to play with depth, add ornaments, and create a full story that everyone can admire about your days in college. You can even add a class ring such as the ones from Signitas to act as the centerpiece of the 3D art.

Bell Jars

For a simpler approach – and to better protect fragile items in your collection of memorabilia – you can also place items inside glass bell jars and use them as decorative pieces. The old watch you got on the day of your high school graduation or the dried petals you’ve been keeping all these years can be arranged into gorgeous pieces with the right support materials and a bit of creativity.

Bell jars are also convenient as decorative pieces. They are easy to clean and the inside of the jars is well protected at all times.

Branches of Memories

For this last idea, you may want to digitize and reprint your old photos. This is what my friend – the one I told you about earlier – did with her college photos. She transformed dried tree branches into hanging spots for old photos. The reprinted photos were then arranged from top to bottom, creating branches of memories that everyone can enjoy.

This particular idea is also very easy to try, plus you get to protect your memories from high school or college for longer now that you have the photos in digital formats. You no longer have to worry about moisture and heat damaging the prints and you can enjoy the beautiful memories from those days at any time.

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