September 15 is a special day for our family because it’s my husband’s birthday. It became more special when we had our daughter Sam. I wanted our celebration to be a memorable bonding moment for the three of us. So I decided to book a studio room at Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay for my husband’s birthday when Sam was just 4 months old (almost 2 yrs ago) — Yeah, this post is way overdue! Sorry!

Anyway, I booked our accommodations online two weeks before his birthday. I remember mentioning that it was my husband’s birthday and that my 4-month daughter will also be with us for the trip when I confirmed my booking. This turned out to be favourable for us because the resort staff took note of it when the booking was finalized. Crosswinds Resort Suites offers a picturesque view of lush pine trees surrounding a Swiss inspired community and gorgeous landscaped areas. It’s a perfect home away from home resort to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

We arrived in Tagaytay much earlier than the 2:00PM check-in time. Our first stop was to hear mass at the Pink Sisters Convent. We then proceeded to the Sky Ranch before having a quick lunch. Our accommodations at Crosswinds Resort Suites included a small kitchenette where you can prepare your own meals. So we decided to buy some fresh ingredients for our birthday dinner at the Mahogany Market before going straight to Crosswinds. We arrived at the resort around 1:00pm, still a bit early for check-in. The hotel staff immediately assisted us with our things when we arrived. I went straight to the receptionist to check our booking but I was advised to wait for our 2:00PM check-in time schedule.

When my husband came in, he was pleasantly surprised when the staff gave him a cheerful Happy Birthday greeting. We stayed in the lobby while waiting for the staff to prepare our room. My little Sam must have been exhausted from our morning activities and fell asleep on the sofa. After 5 minutes, the receptionist informed us that the room was ready and we can already proceed there. It was only 1:20pm still early for our 2:00PM check-in schedule. The first thing I noticed when we entered the room was the fragrant fresh pine tree scent. I really love the smell of fresh pine trees! Then to my surprise, they prepared a small cot for our baby Sam! But that is not all, they also prepared a cake that came with a sweet note for our birthday boy! I really appreciate that they took note of the small details during the booking procedure and made our first day at Crosswinds really special.

A cake and a special note for the birthday boy

A quick tour of our Studio Room showed that we have ample amenities for a relaxing stay at the Resort. We got two double beds, DVD/CD player, free Wi-Fi, Satellite/cable channels, and flat screen TV. The room is also equipped to fulfil dining, drinking, and snacking needs of their guests. There is a coffee/tea maker, microwave, kitchenette, kitchenware, refrigerator, mini bar, and complimentary bottled water. The bathroom came with complete toiletries, hair dryer, and shower toiletries. You may also secure your valuables in the In-room Safe box provided in the Studio Room.



After settling in, we decided to take a short nap before exploring the whole place. We started our stroll at around 5:00pm. Our first stop was the Christmas Village, unfortunately the stores were closed when we got there. We continued our stroll and enjoyed the gorgeous view and fresh air. I really loved the picturesque scene created by the Swiss-inspired homes in the community. The lush trees were also great except that I didn’t factor in the bugs and insects that are also present in such a natural environment. As such, I forgot to put some bug spray on Sam before going out. She got bit by an insect on her face but nothing major to worry about. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed our stroll around Crosswinds.


We went back to our room to prepare dinner after our leisurely stroll. My husband cooked Sinigang na Baka and we paired it with the Buffalo Wings that we bought. Then it was time for a movie marathon before turning in for bed.

The following day, we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at the hotel.

The cold Tagaytay fog that anyone could not resist.

Afterwards, my husband decided to try the pool. It was quite a distance from the hotel to the swimming pool area so we needed to use the hotel service to get there. My husband and daughter had the pool to themselves that morning. The pool was nice but the water was a bit cold.

After an hour, we requested for the hotel service to take us back to the hotel. It took a while for the service to fetch us that my husband and daughter fell into a light sleep while waiting.

We enjoyed our birthday getaway at the Crosswinds Resort Suites. The hotel staff were all friendly and accommodating. I also love the view and the ambiance of the community. It was quiet and relaxing which is now a bit rare with the Tagaytay area getting more crowded with tourists and new resorts. My husband and I are actually planning to take my in-laws for a vacation at Crosswinds soon. Just a quick tip for those who want to stay at Crosswinds too, Be prepared with lots of food and drinks. The hotel is a bit secluded and there are no convenience stores nearby. So make sure that you have a well stocked kitchenette to satisfy your cravings during your stay.

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