Whether you’ve had a hard day at the office, been working in the garden all day, or just need some quiet time to relax, nowadays, it can be hard to chill out after a long, hard day, so here are some tech ideas to help.

Grab Some Zzzs

If you’re finding it hard to go to sleep after a stressful day, listen to your favorite tunes on My Clock Free. It’s an alarm clock app for Android phones that also helps you sleep, wakes you gently and keeps you updated on your local weather. You can also keep it on your night table where it will turn your phone into an attractive clock.

Breathe Correctly

Wear this 2breathe breathing sensor around your torso. It connects to an accompanying app on your smartphone. While you sleep it keeps track of your breathing pattern and send the information to your phone. The app analyses the information and develops an optimized breathing plan for you so you’ll sleep more restfully.

Fidget Your Stress Away

Whether you’re at home or work it sometimes helps just to fiddle with something to alleviate some stress. That’s what Bucky Cubes and Bucky Balls are for. Play with these cool magnetic cubes/balls, pull them apart and form all kinds of shapes. They’ll help to keep you focused and take your mind off your anxiety. They are particularly useful for people who have to spend a large proportion of their day talking on the phone.  

Monitor Your Heart Rate

emWave2 is a neat gadget that can monitor your heart rate and let you know when your level of stress is rising so you can calm yourself down. The device records the data which can be uploaded to your PC, allowing you to track your progress. This is a workable biofeedback method to help you learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help you unwind.

Massage Your Stress Away

Who doesn’t find a body massage relaxing? But sometimes you just don’t have time to do to the spa and get one.  Well, now you can have a full body massage right there in your home whenever you feel like it with the Body Massage Mat. The 6-foot long mat gives a deeply penetrating massage along the full length of your body by means of inflating and deflating air chambers.  This is a great way to alleviate muscle tension and lower blood pressure.

Hypnotize Yourself

If you’re feeling mentally tired after a long day at work, spend some time with the Hypnocube. The cube contains 64 LED lights with over 4000 color combinations and a wide range of different transition effects. As you watch its mesmerizing display you can’t help but relax.

Unwinding should be an important part of your day. Use these apps and gadgets to help you and you’ll soon be feeling more relaxed. Your blood pressure will be lower and you’ll feel much happier.

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