Parents Who Play: Top Apps and Gadgets for the Active Adults

Many celebrities swear by their personal trainer, but not all of us can afford one. The fact is, you don’t really need one once you know about the trade secrets that enable them to get their clients to lose weight and tone up and the apps that are out there to help you. Here is a rundown on the top six fitness secrets and apps that will help you attain your peak condition.

Monitor your Diet

Expert trainers emphasize the importance of tracking what you eat, because it increases your chances of weight-loss success. This is because we often eat more than we realize. Studies show that normal-weight people still underestimate their food intake by an average of 20 percent. Cron-O-Meter will help you keep track of what you’re eating so you can maintain a healthy weight.

Workout Outdoors

Many celebrity trainers claim you get the best workout outdoors. For a start its more invigorating that working out in a dark, dreary gym, which makes it good for your mind and body. Not only that, you don’t have to feel self-conscious because you’ll be working out alone. It’s free and you get the added benefit of sunshine. Before you do your outdoor workout, make sure you check your local weather.

Check your Form

Every personal trainer will tell you the same thing about form: it’s crucial if you want to work the right muscles and avoid getting an injury. The best way to learn the correct form without a personal trainer is to exercise with a video. That way you will be able to see exactly how you should be holding your posture and moving your body. Believe it or not, there’s an app for that too.

Reach Beyond the Zone

It you really want to make the most form the intensity of your work out regime, trainers recommend reaching beyond your comfort zone. Find out where you base line is, this will usually take about two weeks of working out steadily if you already moderately active. Once you’ve built a solid base, begin to slowly intensify your workout by adding resistance, increasing your reps or adding short bursts of intense activity. Plan your workout with Gym Hero.

Stick to a Schedule

According to the top trainers, you are more likely to stick to your exercise regimen if you maintain a regular training routine. So don’t waste your gym membership fee. If you’re really struggling to motivate yourself, think of some creative incentives, such as small (but healthy) rewards you can allow yourself after a successful week of training.

Keep a Record

If you had your own personal trainer, he or she would keep a record of your so you can see how you are improving. Maintaining a personal record of your workout will help you do the same. Get an app to record how you exercise, and changes in weight and muscle tone. On days when you’re feeling less than motivate, looking back through your app will help remind you how much progress you’re making.

With a combination of the right apps, it’s just like having your own personal trainer.

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