Children and Music: Benefits of Music in Child Development

It is never a surprise, if my daughter, Sam, seems to be musically inclined even at a very young age. She has been showing a lot of signs that she is really into music that she even knows how to use a DJ Mixer that we have at home! Yes, it’s true and I am very happy that she inherits our family’s love for music. I am also planning that when she is on the right age, I will enroll her to a school where she can learn to play musical instruments and enhance her singing skills as I can see a lot of potential in her.

I can truly say that music brings a lot of benefits to children. According to experts, singing, as well as music, both play important roles in the culture of the society. We can find music that is always present in various aspects of our lives, such is in theater, television, movies, worship, holidays, celebrations, and even on government and military ceremonies. Of course, at home, music is already a big part of every culture of the family – a natural part of each individual’s everyday experiences. Even from birth, our parents instinctively plays (or sing or just hum) a song to calm and soothe restless or crying children, as well as, to also express their love and joy to them and likewise to engage and interact with the kids. Bright Horizons said that “Parents can build on these natural instincts by learning how music can impact child development, improve social skills, and benefit kids of all ages.”

Personally, I have witnessed a lot of children in our family that use music to teach children how to count, identify colors, distinguish animals and their unique sounds, and of course, learn their ABCs. And this has been proven effective, as these children perform well in school because they are already familiar with the basics. This is also the reason why, I have been exposing my daughter, Sam, to music, at a very early age, and I am glad that everything seems to turn out well.

Just like any Filipino family, we are a family of music lovers, too! I can still clearly recall during my childhood days where my Mom and Dad used to listen to music, through the so called “turntable”. Actually, my dad loves to buy and collect vinyl tapes and listen to them during lunch time and even until the afternoon. Sometimes, they would both dance to it! Also, every weekend, especially during Sundays, it is a must in the house then that we sit at the Sala, while my father turns on his vinyl player and we will all listen to his favorite songs, which eventually, became out favorite, too, during those times. Our week will never be complete without this routine, it is our family’s ultimate bonding time back then! Oh, writing this, makes me feel nostalgic as this brings back a lot of memories. I miss those times, actually.

Today, since I have a family of my own, music is definitely part of our everyday lives. As an evidence, we have a modern audio player in the house, where we are able to play different types of music of various genre and can play music in different formats, too. And as I have mentioned earlier, we also own a DJ Mixer that my husband is fond of utilizing when he is recording his own versions of his favorite songs and post them online, as part of his “past time” thing.

Although we have this kind of modern audio system at home, I still wish to have a vintage vinyl player and play music on it at times when I feel like being nostalgic. I mean, it is kind of cool to have one at home in this modern times, right? Seeing this kind of audio player and listening to different kinds of music, especially those so called “oldies but goodies” ones recorded on vinyl rather than being stored on a hard drive (or on a flash drive, a compact disc (CD) or on a digital video disc (DVD)) seems “cool” and it “rocks”!

I’ll definitely ask my Dad’s help in choosing the best player that suits my needs. I am planning to buy vinyl player from and as I have said, I’ll show the site to my Dad as I know he’s the expert on this in the family. I will also let Sam learn how to use vinyl player and enhance her skills to widen her horizons on music.

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