4 Cleaner Energy Sources to Embrace in 2017

Energy sources are a big concern and one we can no longer ignore. Often, we tune into our nightly news and hear of an oil spill or raising of oil prices. With so many people on the planet, we must look at energy sources that are burning cleaner, affordable, and possibly renewable. So, let’s look at 4 sources that we should pay more attention to: natural gas, wind turbines, biofuels, and solar.

Natural Gas Is Cleaner

Natural gas is a top contender in alternative heat sources for the home. It is created naturally in the Earth and is currently plentiful, albeit not renewable as it’s a fossil fuel. Companies such as ATCO Gas report that natural gas is a cleaner energy alternative. It emits less:

·  Carbon monoxide

·  Nitrous oxides

·  Carbon dioxides

·  Greenhouse gasses

The other major benefit to natural gas is that it can be produced and transported at a lower cost than our oil and coal competitors. Because of this, it makes it a fantastic alternative to transition to when we make the effort to change over to sources that are renewable.

Wind is Where It’s At

One of the most impressive benefits of using wind turbines is that the supply is inexhaustible. There are no emissions whatsoever and it doesn’t use water (another resource that could become non-renewable). Other benefits include:

·  Domestic source

·  Cost-effective

·  Can be built on existing farms and/or ranches

·  Is a job creator

One of the most impressive stats coming from wind turbines is that in 2015, 5% of electricity was powered by wind. 5% translates into 18 million homes being powered just by wind. If we went to most our electricity coming from wind turbines, it would easily power every home and have excess energy available.

Say Yes to Bio-Fuels

Biofuels come from organic material, meaning plant and animal waste. Biofuels can come in the form of solids, liquids, or gas. However, the most popular form of biofuel is liquid. It is quite popular to find automobiles using a biofuel in place of gasoline. It has become increasingly popular to use biodiesel to heat the home. Some benefits include:

·  Produces fewer greenhouse gasses than fossil fuels

·  Perfect alternative for countries with limited access to fossil fuels

·  May not produce particulates, such as soot

Harnessing the Sun

Solar power is big in alternative energy source circles. With the ease of transferring the power of the sun into our vehicles and to power our homes. The benefits of using solar energy are:

·  Renewable source

·  Sustainable

·  Requires very little maintenance

Another benefit to using solar power is the financial savings over the life of solar panels. If you used the solar panels to power your home, you could easily generate 450 kWh per month (based on average amount of sunlight), about half of your monthly electric bill. If you estimate your bill at $100 per month, you could save $50 a month for the life of your solar panel.

As our supply of oil and coal depletes, it’s imperative that we look to alternative energy sources so that we don’t face an epidemic later. Before making any switch check with your local government ordinances to be sure all codes are met and look for any tax breaks that could come with you making the change.

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