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It is natural for parents to want nothing but the best for their baby. This is why everything from milk, feeding bottles, and baby wipes go through close scrutiny before they are put to use. My baby has very sensitive skin so I have to be careful in choosing wipes and diapers for her. I wanted to try the MamyPoko Pants Easy to Wear Diaper but we already found a brand that worked well with my baby’s skin. Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to try MamyPoko diapers. My cousin used it for her baby and had nothing but good things to say about it.

My reservations were washed away when MamyPoko launched their Fly to Japan Promo! A chance to win a trip to Japan is a good reason to purchase a diaper that I have been wanting to try all along. I decided to get one pack of MamyPoko Pants Easy to Wear Diaper (medium) as a trial version for my baby Sam. They are readily available in retail stores nationwide but I got mine from Lazada. I was so excited to try the product that I forgot to take pictures of the pack and the diapers as I examined it. Trying the diaper turned out to be a very good decision on my part. My baby Sam and I both loved the MamyPoko diaper!

There were no signs of redness or irritation on her skin, and there was no leakage. Sam also looked comfortable in wearing it. I also love that it is very easy to wear, something that I have been looking for in a diaper. We love to travel and changing diapers with adhesives can be a drag. With MamyPoko all you have to do is slip off the soiled diaper and put on the fresh one. The MamyPoko Pants Easy to Wear Diaper offers the diaper change convenience that I didn’t find in other brands.

Fast and easy to wear for active babies like my baby Sam =D

The MamyPoko Pants Diaper is recommended for babies weighing 7 to 12 kg. It is stretchable with super breathable waistband that helps prevent rashes and ensures the comfort of your baby. The diaper also has double leak guards with highly absorbent core that keeps your baby dry and effectively stops leaks. This means quality comfort that lets your baby avoid wetness to get a good night sleep.

I only want the best for my baby, and from what I have seen MamyPoko Pants Easy to Wear Diaper is best for my Sam. The first pack that I got is about to run out so I am off to the grocery to get fresh MamyPoko supplies.

Let your sweethearts have the best of everything with the MamyPoko Easy to Wear Diapers. Don’t compensate for another that lacks their needs.  Get it now at leading supermarkets or at



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