Soar High with Gifts of Gratitude in Your Heart


Christmas is known as a season of love, hope, and giving. People often celebrate the season with gift giving and gatherings. But I got a good reminder on how to really celebrate the holidays when I saw the #ThankYou Christmas Campaign launched by AirAsia Philippines. Christmas is about the greatest blessing to mankind, Jesus Christ. And I realized that the best way to celebrate it is to be grateful for our blessings and be a blessing to those around us.

AirAsia’s #ThankYou Christmas Campaign Video fills the air with a spirit of gratitude and the promise of a continuing and improved service to Filipino travelers. It features a year of memorable journeys and depicts AirAsia’s gratitude for time spent with its loyal passengers. The video was simple yet very touching. It reminds us to appreciate everything around us and be grateful for every blessing no matter how small. Inspired by the video, I decided to take a few minutes to appreciate the many uncomplicated and priceless gifts that I should be thankful for. So instead of sharing my wishes for 2017 I am celebrating Christmas the AirAsia way, by spreading the spirit of gratitude. Let us all soar high with gifts of gratitude in our hearts.

I have a lot to be thankful for this 2016. Since its Christmastime I’ll start with being grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He is my savior and my king, and I am forever grateful for his love. I am thankful that he has blessed me with a wonderful husband who has always been there for me and my daughter. He is a family man at heart and he loves to cook which makes him just perfect for me. My family is also one of my greatest blessings. They love and accept me for who I am, and for that I will forever be grateful. Next to my family, I am grateful for friends like The Grasyas (Jen, Mauie and Iris P.) who stuck with me through my ups and downs.

But if there is one thing that I am most grateful for, it is my daughter Sam. For those who don’t know our story, my husband and I got married last 2007 but we struggled to have a baby for 8 years. There were times when I feel depressed whenever people would ask us about having a baby but we still kept on trying. Until one day we decided to just give up and accept that it is going to be just the two of us for the rest of our lives. But God has different plans for me, he wanted me to learn about patience and rewarded me with an angel that I am proud to call my own. Sam came into our lives in May 8, 2015 and she is the greatest blessing that I have ever received. My life totally changed when she arrived and I am really grateful for that.

Without a doubt, being a mother was is one of the greatest experiences I had have. I cherish every moment with my daughter and ensure that I spend meaningful quality time with her. Sam is our sweet-natured angel and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I can hardly recall a time when she was crying or whining for anything. With AirAsia’s #ThankYou Christmas Campaign in mind, I wrote her a little something to show my love and gratitude.

Dear Sam,

Thank you being….


You are so cute, lovable, innocent, and absolutely adorable! You are the darling of the family. When I am tired, all I have to do is look at you and everything feels great again. As you grow day by day, I am blessed to see how you change beautifully and I simply love it. Indeed, you are a beautiful daughter inside and out. Just watching you smile makes me realize how beautiful my life is.


For a 1 year and 7 month old baby, you’re so smart! You learn everything so easily and with little effort to teach on our part. Taking care of you is such a breeze because you learn fast. You can already ask for what you want, i.e. milk, cookies, movie, etc, even at a young age. I also enjoy talking to you because you understand what I say especially when you are being naughty.


At your age, you know how to show signs of respect. You say “opo” and do respectful gestures like “bless” or “mano” for the elderly. Our elderly friends and relatives are very happy and impressed with you because of this.


Our home was never lonely or quiet because of your immeasurable entertainment value. We always find joy in your singing, dancing, and occasional acting stints at home.

Sincere and sweet

I find it sweet that you always want me beside you at bedtime. You could never sleep when I am not around because you want my hug to put you to sleep. Cellphones and anything that can distract me from you are not allowed in bed because they ruin our bonding time. So I make sure that when it is sleeping time, you are the center of my attention. It feels nice to hear you call for mama as soon as you wake up. I fondly remember the time when I woke up with you kissing my face because it just shows how sweet you are. But most of all, your papa and I appreciate your impromptu hugs and “labyu” that comes out of nowhere.


You are my true inspiration! I am motivated to be an awesome mom because of you. I also strive to be successful for you.


Yes, I’m teaching you to be grateful, but it also reminds me to appreciate things that I had previously taken for granted. You already know how to say “please” and “thank you”. Other kids need to be prompted to say these words but not you. I am happy that saying these words come automatically for you whenever you are given a gift or a favor. I hope that you continue to be grateful for all the little things even as you grow older.

I love you my dear daughter. I simply thank God for giving me the best blessing from heaven and that is you. Thank you for bringing joy into my life.



My daughter is still too young to understand and appreciate the contents of this letter. When she is ready, this letter will be there for her to read.

I feel truly blessed after writing this post. Being grateful for every blessing that we have lets our heart and spirits soar with joy. How about you? Who and what are you truly grateful for? Share your story with us in the comment box below. Have a Grateful Holiday Everyone!

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  1. Sam is so adorbs, sis!!!! She’s brought joy to our lives too! Ibang klase how such little soul can capture our crazy hearts.

    Thank you too, for the friendship! Love you and your beautiful family! ❤

  2. How sweet is this! She’s an amazing little girl and she deserves the recognition that you’re giving her. There’s nothing better than showing our kids that we appreciate them for who they are!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I read this somewhere “A child who feels valued and accepted by his mother can change the world.” I hopefully I’m doing the right thing =D

  3. Such a great letter to your daughter! I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mother, I live for my girls. They challenge me to be a better person and I strive to be what they deserve.

  4. This is so sweet! I’m sure Tamtam will love this when she’s already able to read on her own. I see how you fill her with love everyday and you are also a blessing to her as she is to you.

    And oh, extra pala kami hahaha! Thank you sis, our bunso, for being you! You have always been the most talented among us four, yet I have never heard you brag about it. Thank you also for always, always going out of your way to help me or the other girls when we need your help. You are special and loved!

  5. that’s such a great campaign, the kids are so cute! awesome that you are so thankful for everything.

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