Noche Buena can just be as healthy as it is delicious

Christmas in the Philippines is like no other. With all the festive colors, bright lights, and jolly carols that play as early as September, it’s not surprising that Yuletide takes a different flavor in a country where the holiday lasts a season.

This is especially true about the food. Filipino Christmas is never complete without the scrumptious delicacies served throughout December, especially on Noche Buena.

Unfortunately, most of our Christmas delights aren’t exactly good for our health. If you truly want to show how much you care in this warmest of seasons, consider giving your loved ones the gift of health.

Good food that does good

Packaged snacks and condiments from the grocery often contain unwanted additives such as artificial flavoring, colors, and preservatives that could pose a risk to our health. Excessive amounts of salt, sugar, and fats further add sodium and calories to the already rich food we serve every Christmas.

Your holiday dinner shouldn’t cause worry, so choose food from organic and all-natural sources. That’s what you’ll find in Healthy Option’s Christmas catalogue featuring wholesome selections for a nutritious feast.

For Noche Buena, the Star of Bethlehem holiday box offers gourmet selections including chickpea pasta for macaroni and cheese, ancient grain salad with red quinoa and chickpeas, cheese pairs, mushroom marinara, and chips made of spinach and kale.

Star of Bethlehem

Thinking of only having a small celebration with loved ones? The St. Nicholas holiday box would surely be a treat, with picks including coconut milk, bran cereal, and pancake mix for a healthy breakfast to start the day.

The St. Nicholas. Take a page from St. Nick himself and shower your family with love and generosity. This box of delicious goodies is made fro everyone to share and enjoy. Php 3,995

And to cap the night off with your favorite dessert, Healthy Options has a collection of sparkling juices in delicious flavors such as Açaí, Wildberry, Peach, Grape, Golden Apple, and Rosé for you to choose from.

Big difference in small bites

Snacks always bring life to parties. Add a healthy twist with Healthy Options’ Advent Candle and Evergreen Fir holiday boxes that offer selections you can munch on without guilt.

The Advent Candle. Hop on your social sleigh as you countdown to Christmas Day. This delectable box of organic selections will surely bring happy smiles all around. Php 2,995
The Evergreen Fir. Give an everlasting impression when gifting to those you cherish most. This wholesome box is filled with all-natural snacks meant to brighten up anyone’s day. Php 2,995

Organic snacks from the Advent Candle box include mint chocolate cookies, granola minis, pumpkin seeds, and kettle corn. For all-natural goodness, you’ll surely love the whole grain chips, pistachio cranberry biscotti, cereal squares, and more from the Evergreen Fir box.

If gluten is a concern because of celiac disease among your friends and family, then the Christmas Angel box is your best pick. Truly heaven-sent, this holiday package comes with gluten-free delectable including potato ridges, bean crisps, coconut macaroons, and exotic rice toasts made of red rice and flaxseed.

The Christmas Angel. Be a beacon of goodness and share healthful blessings to the ones on your Christmas list. This delicious box of gluten-free flavors is perfect for those who need it. Php 2,995

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