For many years, healthcare has always been a top choice for students looking for a career. And the benefits of healthcare positions are many. However, some new students might still be on the fence about healthcare positions, so in this article, we’re going to explore four reasons everybody should consider pursuing a job in healthcare.

Above Average Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a whopping eight of all 20 professions with the highest job growth in the United States are in the healthcare industry. As a matter of fact, there are over 13 million jobs available to healthcare professionals at the moment. This means that as a healthcare graduate, you’ll be spoiled for choice as far as positions go.

And what’s even better is that these job prospects increase exponentially depending on the concentration you choose. According to this piece from the University of Arizona, those holding a traditional master of public health or an online mph degree can hold positions as diverse as non-profit program manager, epidemiologist, clinical research coordinator, and more.

Make an Impact on your Community

First and foremost, people seeking a job in the healthcare industry should do it with service in mind. And there is no career where helping others is as central to the job as healthcare worker. As a healthcare worker, you might be called to bring life into the world on one day, and save a life on another. You will be asked to provide counsel to people in need and may even be the last person they will talk to. In addition, you may also be asked to provide healthcare and healthcare education at community level, and work on the ground to prevent the spread of epidemics.

Great Earning Potential

Because of the increasingly higher demand for healthcare workers across all sectors, jobs in the healthcare industry are among the best paying at the moment. Generally, the higher level of education you pursue, the higher the pay, but it isn’t always the case. For instance, you can apply for obscure positions and leverage your education by seeking jobs with a shortage of applicants. For instance, a certified nurse could decide to work as an oil rig nurse or as a cruise nurse to increase earning potential and job prospects.

There are Positions Available Across all Education Levels

Whether you have a PhD or a GED, there is a job in healthcare for you. While many people will have to undergo years of studying to get an advanced degree as a nurse or doctor, there are tons of jobs available on all levels, even without a post graduate diploma. As a matter of fact, those without a degree can still work as Porters, Nursing Aide, Ambulance paramedic, and more.

The advantages of pursuing a career in healthcare are simply too many to count. In addition to effecting real change in your community, the healthcare industry provides tons of great job prospects and above average pay. If you feel you have the skills and temperament necessary to work in the healthcare field, we sincerely advise that you give a closer look at which careers are available to you.

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