It wasn’t so long ago when then the concept of e-commerce was introduced to the country. Although hesitant at first, consumers quickly embraced the convenience offered by this mode of business. This change in the business scenario enabled SMEs to compete with big merchants and proliferate rapidly. However, one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs today is still access to finance. This is the reason why First Circle was created.

First Circle is a digital financing company that caters to SMEs in South East Asia. They are the first company with this type of service in the region. Time spent on loan application and processing can spell the difference between winning purchase orders and missing out on business opportunities. Recognizing this, First Circle employs the help of a powerful technology to deliver their services in the most convenient way. This is done through simple online accounts, dedicated customer success representatives, advanced data analytics, and a host of useful resources. Now, Traditional businesses and SMEs can take the e-commerce route to financing.

Left to Right: Tony Ennis, CTO . Patrick Lynch, President & CEO. Timothy Glynn, CFO

“We realized what we needed to do in order to empower small businesses was to reduce the amount of time it takes to open an account with us and also reduce the time it takes for them to avail of finance” – Patrick Lynch, President & CEO of First Circle declares when asked how First Circle was built.

He further stated that “The full end-to-end solution from the moment a consumer engages with us is done online. There is no paper exchanged. This also allows us to have great control in the customer journey”

First Circle is a master of saying the good NO-
NO collaterals.
NO waiting around.
NO stress.
Grow your business now by saying YES to the good NO’s of our financing services! Apply for a loan now at

SMEs and online retailers can take advantage of the solution-suite offered by First Circle. This solution-suite may be tailored according to the business need, type, and size. It can cater to different industries online and help businesses grow as quickly as possible. One of their strongest partners to date is online retailer Lazada. First Circle’s solution-suite is designed to be agile in nature ensuring that funding is delivered at the shortest possible time. Manual applications through traditional finance institutions can take around 14 hours compared to a 2 to 3 minute application with First Circle’s proprietary-built secured system.

“Building a wonderful technology stack has been geared towards improving availability of finance to small businesses” Tony Ennis, Chief Technology Officer of First Circle states.

Insufficient cash flows may result to missed growth opportunities for businesses. By providing quick and easy access to finance, First Circle helps ensure that no business opportunities are missed. Manual applications and long processing time of traditional loans now seems like a roundabout way to finance a business, especially when there is an easy and straightforward alternative offered by First Circle.

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