Bosch’s Contractor’s Choice Power Tools Range now at a better price point

The affordable and reliable start-up equipment for handymen

If you intend to become an independent contractor, you must know that owning a string of quality tools is advantageous in kick-starting the business. Power tools are invaluable assets that match the extraordinary skills of a worker. But for hopeful entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget, getting the best-in-the-market equipment can be quite a challenge.

Bosch is in constant pursuit of putting together products that provide first-rate performance, reliability and affordability for all market segments to keep its customers at the forefront. Recently, the global leader in portable tools technology updated its latest collection of products, the Contractor’s Choice Power Tools (COC), with an enhanced price range. Made for professionals by professionals, the Contractor’s Choice Power Tools extends its offering to small-to-mid-scale end users in order to give owners the superior German quality at a lesser expense.

Even expert handymen can attest to the quality and affordability of the Contractor’s Choice Range. Construction professional Samuel Nobleza works as a foreman in TransAsia Construction Development Corp. The industry veteran of 34 years has been using Bosch power tools since the beginning and was not disappointed when he tried his hand on the COC Power Tools Range.

“Budget is one of the important factors I consider when choosing a power tool,” he said. “When I used the Bosch Contractor’s Choice tool range, I got impressed because with only at a fraction of the regular retail price, it showed highly impactful performance that is at par with a high-end power tool. It shows that COC is indeed a worthy investment.”

Like Samuel, many small-to-mid scale contractors are striving to own the best power tool their money can buy. To help you get started in your professional journey, Bosch and its end-users share the awesome features of the Contractors Choice Power Tools that can be yours in no time.


Above: Bosch Contractor’s Choice end-user with his grinder tool Below: Bosch Contractor’s Choice end-user
Above: Bosch Contractor’s Choice end-user with his grinder tool
Below: Bosch Contractor’s Choice end-user

The Quick and Effective Helpers
The GSB 550 Professional Impact Drill is robust and boasts of 550 Watts of motor that allows you to blitz through heavier workloads. Despite the bigger form, it is slim and compact, which makes it easy to drill concrete or wooden walls located in tight areas. It helps you accomplish the job easier thanks to its fast switching modes for quick-access drilling via the two-way impact selector switches.

The GWS 060 Professional Grinder has high durability and maximum safety due to its burst proof guard and two-motion switch. Its easy operation and safety functions make it the perfect equipment for rendering metal or stone projects, refurbishing old furniture or renovating the family den.

“Tuwing ginagamit ko ang COC, napapabilis ang trabaho dahil magaang gamitin,” said contractor Joalidy Nobleza. “Especially for the Impact Drill and Professional Grinder, madaling kontrolin ang tool dahil sa selector switches. Kahit saan ko man gamitin, precise at mabilis palagi ang kanyang performance,” he added.

The Mean Machines
Cutting the thickest iron or steel will no longer be a burden with GCO 200 Professional Cut-Off Saw’s. Its larger base and rubber feet provide optimum support that minimizes wobbling and maximizes user protection. Thanks to its machining finish compression spring and 2,000 Watts motor, you can efficiently cut hard metals in a breeze.

The GSH 500 Professional Demolition Hammer is perfect for waterproofing, renovating, and demolition. A fast and effective chipping specialist, you can chisel the concrete with ease because of the improved armature shaft and optimized motor. It is enclosed in durable housing that ensures better impact force, and has an integrated dust protection cap which guarantees extended tool lifetime.

“Madalas kong ginagamit ang GCO Professional Cut-Off saw and GSH 500 Professional Demolition Hammer,” said end-user Julio Sanchez who works with hard materials such as metal and concrete on a day-to-day basis. “With these tools, ang laking oras ang natitipid ko dahil malakas sila pero safe at the same time. Hindi din nakakapagod gamitin dahil sa anti-wobble at impact features ng Cut-Off saw at ng Demolition Hammer.”

The Portable Companions
If you are the type of handyman who is always on-the-go, the GSR 1080-2 Li Professional Cordless Drill Driver is the ultimate companion. This cordless drill driver is powered by Li-Ion – the best battery there is for any cordless power tool. With Li-Ion’s Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) technology, the GSR Cordless Drill driver can run at a long time without overheating, overloading and deep discharge.

The GBM 320 and GBM 350 Professional Rotary Drills are both handy and efficient to take various working demands from small repairs to big interior constructions. The GBM 320 has the shortest body and the lightest weight that enable speedy and precise drilling. The GBM 350 on the other hand is designed to take tougher jobs and is the ideal tool for narrow spaces. Both provide comfortable one-handed operation due to its in-line design.

“Bukod sa quality, laking ginhawa din ang naibibigay sa akin ng Bosch power tools dahil komportable itong gamitin,” said end-user Ernesto Paña. “Subok na talaga ang mga Bosch power tools, kaya highly recommendable siya sa mga contractors na katulad ko.”

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