Cellphones, alarm clocks, music players and other gadgets simply have to be within reach even when one is in bed. Unfortunately, too many things on the bedside table creates a cluttered look no matter how much you organize it. This is why multi-function devices make perfect candidates for bedside companions.

Bedside needs vary for each individual. I usually play lullabies or relaxing music to get my baby to sleep. For this I need my cellphone and Bluetooth speaker on my bedside table. And just like everybody else I also need an alarm clock to make sure that I wake up on time. Much as I hate putting several gadgets on my bedside, this seemed inevitable. As a result, my baby would sometimes play with my devices and most of the time I end up picking up the wrong gadget. There was even one incident when my baby toyed with the alarm clock and changed the settings. The alarm went off in the middle of the night but when I tried to turn it off, I turned up the volume of the Bluetooth speaker instead. It was a good thing that it did not wake my baby up. It became clear that multiple devices on my bedside is more trouble than I thought. Luckily, I was invited to Homtime Media Round Table, and I was introduced to the perfect bedside companion which turned out to be a Homtime Digital Alarm Clock.

The sleek and compact design of the Homtime digital alarm clock makes it an attractive feature in your bedside table. But mind you, this is no ordinary alarm clock. The basic model, C1, is a digital alarm clock with dual USB charger for smartphones and tablets. This means you can simply plug and play while you sleep and still have full batteries when you leave the house. It also features a Vertical-alignment LCD that allows wider viewing angle and high contrast ratio.

Homtime offers a variety of devices to suit your lifestyle needs. Aside from the C1, there are models that can do more than just time display and charging. These alarm clocks can also check temperature and play music through Bluetooth speakers. The dock station for speakers is MFI (Apple licensed), FCC and EC Certified and compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad.  Simply dock the Apple device, and it will automatically sync in the time. It can also cater to any Android devices through USB cables that can be plugged into its ports and from there, users can play their favorite tunes or listen to an audio book while tucking themselves in bed.

With all these features, one might think that these devices are difficult to operate. But they are quite user friendly. Users can enable and disable alarms by simply tapping its rotary dial. They can also adjust the brightness of the display by turning and setting the dial. Best of all, you can personalize your alarm tone so can wake up to your favorite tunes.

Homtime Digital Alarm Clocks can help you de-clutter the bedside without compromising your needs. It has a classic design that can blend with most interiors including some of the luxurious hotels around the world. The Homtime alarm clock is a great looking device with multiple functions and affordable price. It simply has everything you need for a bedside companion.

How much is Homtime?
Homtime is priced affordably ranging from Php1,699 to Php4,999 (mid to high-end). Specific prices are:

  • C1 Pro – Php 2,199
  • C1 – Php 1,699
  • C12 Pro – Php 4,399
  • C12 – Php 3,499
  • B11 Pro – Php 4,999
  • O2 – Php 799

Homtime products will be available in the Philippines beginning early October through lazada.com.ph. You may also get them directly from Homtime Philippines with office address located at: 901 Apacible cor. Leon Guinto Sts. Ermita, Malate, Manila.

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