How to Renovate and Visually Open Up a Small Bathroom

It may be impossible to create a larger bathroom in your living space, but there are renovations that can be done to help make the room appear much larger than it actually is. Below are a few ways to get this done without having it cost a fortune.

Oval Sinks, Tubs and Rounded Edges

Rounding the corners tends to soften the look and give the illusion that there is more space. An oval sink will actually give you more counter space than a rectangular one. Try this little trick and see how beautifully it works.

Ledges and Built-In Storage

Find areas to place small ledges and built-in storage for towels, shampoo and other bathroom essentials. This will eliminate the need for bulky, space-eating cabinets or shelving.

Open Concept Wash Basin

Try a free standing wash basin for a sink rather than the traditional enclosed cupboard type. You can add towel racks along the edge or place a small laundry basket under the actual sink.

Visible Windows and Glass Shower Doors

Do your best to have access and see any available windows. The natural lighting will make the room seem larger. Instead of using shower curtains try installing glass doors for an unencumbered view. It adds real square feet that your mind absorbs as additional space.

Use the Same Tile on Floor and Shower

Use the same tile that is on the floor of the bathroom in the shower. It will seem like a flawless extension of the room. This coupled wit glass shower doors makes a huge difference with a small bathroom.

Big Mirrors

Any small space can look bigger with the use of well-placed mirrors. Place them on all available wall spaces and go big. The room will instantly be transformed.

Sliding Entry Doors

Opening a door into the bathroom takes up valuable floor space. Why not add runners to the floor and install sliding doors for bathroom entry and exit? This little trick will give the bathroom a very chic look and feel.

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