AgeWell: Embrace Aging, Enjoy Living

We all will age, yes, because aging is inevitable. No one is immune from getting older.

For many of us, we tend to look at aging as a negative. Many are worried of the negative impact ageing can have on our quality of life. Many see this as an obstacle too big to conquer and they give up. Some spend the rest of their days watching television, struggling up the stairs, and taking three naps a day. They’re “too tired” to do anything else. What other option do they have?

However, getting old may not be as bad as people think it will be, especially now that we have AgeWell.

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AgeWell is the first-of-its-kind community in the Philippines that enables adults 50 years old and above to stay healthy, happy, and active through activities and solutions that promote physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Think of it as a support system in your goal to understand aging and everything that comes with it—the physical changes in your body, the emotional rollercoaster you feel at times, the desire to stay productive, the strange combination of worry and excitement for what lies ahead. In essence, AgeWell Club is your buddy in your journey to aging well.

And the journey to aging well becomes even more exciting when you enjoy it with other individuals who think and feel like you do, who understand your life stage, who won’t judge you when you dance silly, who are willing to try things you’ve never done before—fellow seniors who don’t let age and aging get in the way of enjoying life to the fullest.

So in AgeWell Club, not only will you understand aging, but you will also learn how to enjoy it.

  • You can attend interactive learning sessions on health, nutrition, fitness, and emotional wellness with content that are specifically relevant for adults like you.
  • You can avail of solutions that are customized to your unique health and wellness needs as a senior.
  • You can participate in experiential and recreational activities that allow you to experience new things, learn new skills, meet new friends, and create new memories.
  • You can enjoy deals and promos exclusive to club members.

With all these learning and experiences, you can stay healthy, happy, and active as you age.



How do I join AgeWell Club?

Joining AgeWell Club is easy!

  • Fill out the AgeWell Membership Form
  • Pay the Php1,000 annual membership fee. This can be a one-time full payment or in batches of 3 amounts. The payment may be done through a bank deposit or by paying cash during one of the monthly learning sessions.Bank Deposit Details
    Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
    Checking Account Number: 0181045191
    Account Name: Unilab Active Health, Inc.

Please email the scanned copy or photo of your deposit slip to You may also give the deposit slip to an AgeWell representative in one of the monthly learning sessions.

What benefits can I get by being an AgeWell Club member?

Being an AgeWell Club member offers many benefits:

  • Get the exclusive AgeWell Kit that contains your Club ID and limited edition AgeWell notebook
  • Attend monthly learning sessions on health awareness, nutrition, fitness, mental health, and emotional wellness for free
  • Join recreational activities like field trips, heritage walks, cultural and food tours, and other fun activities either for free or at discounted rates
  • Directly access health and wellness experts who understand your needs like geriatricians, nutritionists, fitness coaches, and family counselors
  • Order AgeWell solutions and other Unilab products directly and have these delivered to your home
  • Enjoy exclusive promos and deals from AgeWell and other Unilab brands
  • First-to-try on any new AgeWell product or service
  • Avail of 20% discount for medical house call, where a doctor can go to your house when you need one or when you want your laboratory tests done in the comforts of your own home
  • Avail of an annual health check-up package customized to seniors for only Php200


Embrace Aging, Enjoy Living

Join Gloria Diaz, Freddie Webb, Boots Anson Roa, and other speakers in learning with the AgeWell community on how to embrace aging!

Limited slots only so pre-register now at to join. The Philippine Aging Well Expo will be held at the MetroTent in Metrowalk Ortigas, Pasig City this coming September 3 and 4.
Enjoy the following activities during the event:
– Talks from health and wellness experts
– Exclusive offers on products and services
– Free medical consultation and nutrition counseling
– Prizes from games and raffles’
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover life’s adventures and opportunities after 50!

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