In today’s constantly changing climate, it is a must for every family to always have an emergency kit with them in handy. We might never know when sickness strikes, especially that every day, more and more disease causing bacteria and viruses are discovered, while some of them have become resistant to certain types of drugs.

As a mother, I must and I am always ready whenever sickness is about to strike my family. Of course, being ready for this does not mean that I simply grab whatever medicines are available over the counter. I should also see to it that the medicines I keep in my emergency kit are of good quality and at the same time fits my budget.

As for my family, I always have an emergency kit at home and I also bring one, whenever we travel. My emergency kit contains Unilab Products such as Biogesic, Alaxan, Diatabs, Bioflu, and Solmux. These kinds of OTC medicines are a must for my family and I always see to it that they are replenished regularly, for I don’t want my family to be caught “off guard”.

As for my Baby Sam, her must-haves are Alerta in case allergic reactions strike, Ceelin, Tikitiki, and Nutrillin Multivitamins to make sure that her immune system is always at its optimum. For me, Celeteque products must always be present like Lipstick, After-Sun Gel, as well as, Myra E and PH Care, and for my husband, Maxivit is a necessity.

I trust Unilab products for my family’s needs as I am 100% sure that all of their goods are of high quality and has been trusted by many for several years already. Also, it is worthy to mention that more than a thousand Unilab products are available for every member of a family that are meticulously checked by 3,000 experts to make sure that they pass the (or even exceed) the standards set by the FDA.

To get to know more about Unilab products and check which of their products suit you and your family, you may visit their website here:

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