Asus Incredible Workshops: Recipe for a Successful Start-up Business

Starting a business needs a lot of patience, hard work and perseverance. Also, a lot of courage has to be possessed. As everything will be a game of chances, risks must be taken and one must be prepared to either fail or succeed. As a businesswoman, ( beauty product distributor, baking business, etc.), I have and I am still enduring all of these – the risks, the hard work and playing with the game of chances, among others – and slowly but surely hoping, aiming and working to succeed.

Actually, I like reading, watching and listening to everything that gives tips on how to make my kind of business make it in the market. So, when I was given a chance to attend a workshop about Finding the Right Recipe for a Successful Start-up Business, I was very eager and excited, not to mention that the speaker was none other than the well-known host, RJ Ledesma. And to make the long story short, here’s the recipe I’ve learned from the Asus Business Workshop:

Ingredients of Entrepreneurship

1. A cup of vision and ambition – identify what you enjoy doing most and check if it can be a feasible business to start with
2. A teaspoon of self and industry awareness – identify your target customers, who are your competitors, what is your edge against them?
3. A dash of innovation – sometimes we have to think out of the box and explore wide variety of possibilities to make our business work and be able to effectively reach our target customers
4. Generous serving of hard work and dedication – need I say more?
5. A pinch of luck – true or not, everyone needs a good luck, right? So create an environment of good luck within the business.

With this recipe, if followed accordingly, plus a powerful tool to carry on your day-to-day workload, you’ll surely “Hit the Mark!”

As for RJ Ledesma, his powerful tool, as he pointed out, is the Asus VivoBook Flip. He considers it as one of his secret weapons. According to him, the amazing graphics plus the powerful processor of Asus VivoBook Flip permits him to do multi-tasking. He also added that with its super-speed processor, he can work efficiently wherever he is.


The Asus VivoBook provides flexibility and is impressive enough with its 360-degree hinge that allows it to be rotated at any angle, to ensure that one will enjoy surfing and watching videos or movies however they like to.

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