The mobile phone is the top gadget of the world which may be found in the hand of most of the people. Moreover, nowadays, this mobile phone has become too much popular that, there may be hard to find any people who don’t use this gadget at all. As it has usurped the place of watch, calculator, camera, even the place of the computer too. Not only any kind of particular brand of mobile phone, but several mobile companies had developed their product in order to help the people with the technology.

Samsung. Samsung is the most popular Mobile phone brand of the world. Because of the stylish look, high quality and having the best quality in every part, it has got the top position among the all mobile brands of the world.

Nokia. Nokia is the most desiring mobile brand for those people, who just needs such a phone which will last for a long time and a long battery life also. Because in several surveys, it has seen that the charges of Nokia handset, stay for a long period than the other brands.

Apple. Apple is considered as the unique brand of the mobile. It may quite expensive, but you also will not find any similarities with other brands, that the Apple iPhone contains.

Symphony. The symphony is the latest brand in the phone world. But in spite of having the shortest period to promote, this mobile company successfully launched several models and mobile gadgets of their own.

Lenovo. Lenovo is mainly popular for their laptop and tabs. But now they are thinking to promote some mobile models also. And it’s a matter of glad that they could successfully launch some models which get the popularity in the mobile market also.

Microsoft. Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft company had bought the ownership of Nokia company and then decided to update the softwares of it and then gave the name of Microsoft Mobile. In a word, Microsoft is the newest version of the Nokia mobile. It has it’s own operating system inside of it.There are also many best cell phone case brands available in the market

Asus. Not only on the laptop or tab sector, the Asus company also marks their talent in their mobile sector also. These phones are really good in look and quality also which attracted the people to buy and use it.

HTC. If you want to have a high quality mobile phone, which will be the best in both sound and camera quality, then you should definitely choose the HTC handset indeed.

Huawei. If you want to look for stylish mobile phones with the cheapest price, then you can try the Huawei phones. Because you can add many types of Android apps in it and use very comfortable.

Motorolla. The handsets of Motorolla may not look too much stylish to look at, but it is very useful brand indeed. It is mostly common in the older people, who need not too much stylish phones, but their necessary tasks can be done

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