Art to Feed the Heart, 2016 is the year of grown-up coloring books

Coloring books for grown-ups was an unexpected hit in 2015, and it looks like they are here to stay. Yes, 2016 is the year of the adult coloring book and OMF Literature published its own offering.

“Grown-up coloring activities are very therapeutic for the stressed and tired body and mind. The act of coloring unplugs you from gadgets and allows your mind to relax and slow down,” shares Aleks Tan, CEO of OMF Literature one of the country’s longest-running publishers of inspirational books.

Artist and writer Liz Claudio recently launched her first coloring book for grown-ups entitled Art to Feed the Heart. The book is a collection of illustrated meditations inspired by Liz’s travels, her love for doodling and calligraphy, and some of her favorite passages from the Bible.

unnamedArt to Feed the Heart is designed to help people slow down, unwind, and nourish their heart by expressing themself through color. It has a year’s worth of illustrations that’s perfect to start 2016.

Being a writer, teacher, coach, strategist, leadership consultant, and a doodler practically since birth, Liz continues to use her passions to help people live happier, more meaningful lives.

What makes Art to Feed the Heart different from other adult coloring books is that most of the illustrations are inspired by Bible verses that are close to Liz’s heart, and she hopes will draw people closer to God.

“As you go through this book, expect an encounter with God,” she writes in the introduction. “Use the time coloring to reflect on the Scripture on the page.”

While coloring each page, Liz encourages everyone’s own creativity to shine. Some portions of the pages are even left blank to allow adults to add their own doodles.

“Color outside the lines, paint the sun pink and the sky green,” Liz enthuses.

Coloring can also be a fun bonding activity. Parents can do it with their kids and friends can do it in groups. “Throw a coloring party!” Liz suggests. Coloring doesn’t have to be a solitary activity.

“In this increasingly digital and fast-paced world, we all look forward to unwinding after a long, busy day. Who would have thought that coloring could be one of the best and more affordable ways to do so,” Aleks Tan adds.

Find out why so many adults today have found a love for coloring books and what Art to Feed the Heart can offer in its pages. Grab one now!

Art to Feed the Heart is available at all OMF Literature bookstores, Passages Bookshops, and other leading bookstores nationwide. It is also available in digital format through e-book stores Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, Buqo, and FlipReads.

You may also order online through the OMF Literature E-store, by emailing t, or texting 09159191262 or 09186672259.

OMF Literature is one of the Philippines’ longest-running publishers of inspirational and children’s books. To know more about OMFLit and Hiyas books, visit


lizclaudioAbout the Author:
Liz Claudio is a writer, teacher, coach, strategist, leadership consultant, and a doodler practically since birth. Through her work, she has coached hundreds of people in their personal and professional growth and development. Her experience in counseling and coaching motivates her to create avenues for people to bridge the gaps between mind and heart, and between one’s self and God. This book is an expression of her passions and her first labor of love featuring her illustrations.

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