A lot of homemakers face the holidays with a mixture of dread and excitement. Family gatherings, parties, and gift giving are something to look forward to, but the tasks involved to prepare for these occasions can be quite stressful. For those who are risk of holiday stress, being able to do more with less is one of the best gifts this season. Electrolux gave us a taste of this gift through a Kitchen Class for Bloggers held last December 15.

The Electrolux Do More with Less campaign empowers homemakers to simplify life at home through practical and efficient means. When life is simple tasks are accomplished with less effort and less amount of time, thus giving you more quality time to enjoy with the family. This is one of the reasons why I was bent on attending the special Kitchen Class despite the rain and horrendous traffic all over the metro. I was also excited because my blogger friends are joining the event.

Electrolux Brand Ambassador Chef Bruce Lim shared some tips on how to make the most out of your pantry during the holidays. This means less waste and more savings for the kitchen.

Some examples of this include using leftover chicken and turning it into a new dish and using chicken bones to make broth instead of putting it to waste. He put this tips into use by teaching us how to cook the Day After Christmas Chicken Lasagna. We got to sample the dish and it was great. You can find several flavors in it like Bolognese and beef, white sauce, chicken, and spinach. Each layer of the lasagna has its own distinct flavor but it all blended together into one super yummy dish.

Another dish that allows you to do more with less is the Pineapple Glazed Pork Chop which is a great alternative for the Holiday ham. Chef Bruce Lim got fresh pineapples and used everything from juice to pulp with the help of the Electrolux Juicer. He only used one pineapple to give flavor to the dish and tenderize the pork while in the oven.

After the demo, the bloggers were challenged to a Master Chef like cooking contest. We were grouped into pairs and asked to prepare a meal within 30mins. My partner was Lou of LemonGreenTea and we made a Cheesy Meaty Porkchop. We didn’t win but we are both happy and proud of our dish, especially since I really don’t know how to cook. According to Chef Bruce, it was good. Because it wasn’t overcooked, and it’s just right. The flavor is also good, but it wasn’t properly seasoned so the flavors didn’t soak well into meat. But overall, Chef Bruce said that it is a good dish.

The practical cooking tips that we learned from the class can definitely help us prepare dishes with less time and effort and more savings. You can get more tips for a stress free and fulfilling season from Electrolux. Learn how to take advantage of appliances to save on time, effort, and money and use helpful ideas like using frozen grapes to cool your wine, maximizing your rice cooker, upcycling, etc. Let the Electrolux Do More with Less campaign keep holiday stress at bay by teaching you how to simplify home life and enjoy more in life.

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