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Chocoholics Not-So-Anonymous Seven Steps to Addiction

Those of us who have lived in fear of being discovered as the chocoholics we are need to know that it is finally time to come out of the closet. There are literally millions, if not billions, of us roaming the earth and it is finally politically correct to admit in public that we are chocoholics. We enjoy every chocolate morsel that enters our mouths and would give anything for a double chocolate, chocolate chip cookie right about now. Having second thoughts about admitting your addiction? Chocoholics not-so-anonymous makes it easy to step out into the light. There are only seven steps to addiction that you will find thoroughly enjoyable! Here goes….

Step 1

Before you can admit your addiction it is necessary to admit you are powerless to resist chocolate. It only takes gourmet chocolate chip cookies delivered to your door to get you on the road to addiction and therein lies your downfall.

Step 2

Never try to resist temptation because it will only lead to binge eating and with chocolate that can be a very dangerous thing! Simply take a bite or two of your favorite chocolate chip cookie from GJ Cookies as the urge strikes you and you will be one step closer to addiction.

Step 3

Take a few moments out of every day to learn about all the flavors of chocolate chip cookies available to chocoholics of the world. Start with the easy ones like homemade chocolate chip cookies and move on to double chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, white chocolate chip cookies (whoever said chocolate had to be dark?) and then move on to nirvana, rainbow cookies with a full layer of extra rich chocolate in the middle. If that isn’t heaven, what is?

Step 4

Never begin or end a meal without having chocolate close at hand. Whether you have a cup of hot cocoa with your meal, a French chocolate mint to open the palette before dinner or a delicious plate of black and white, half chocolate – half vanilla, cookies for dessert, it’s a fact that no meal is complete without a hint of chocolate in there somewhere.

Step 5

Keep chocolate on hand at all times. Since you are ready to admit that you are powerless over chocolate, make sure to have a few chocolate chip cookies with you wherever you go. As you begin to become aware of your cravings the only recourse you have is to pull out that cookie and take a quick nibble to appease that urge as it strikes. At the office? You might want to have a few extras with you because you never know if the person sitting in the cubicle next to you is a true anonymous chocoholic afraid to take the leap into the light.

Step 6

Never attend a meeting of Chocoholics Not-So-Anonymous unless there are plenty of chocolate cookies on the coffee table. If they are missing, the group leader has broken the rules and you know you are in the wrong place.

Step 7

Never end your day without a steaming hot cup of cocoa and a chocolate chip cookie or two. It’s extremely bad for the nerves to deny your addiction and you just might lose a good night’s sleep for the cravings!

Finally, when all else fails in life, know that there is a heavenly cup of mocha and a piece of chocolate waiting for you to indulge in. Why throw up your hands in despair when every corner store on the planet has chocolate just waiting for you? A word of caution here – keep extra chocolate on hand when leaving the filling station because if you get pulled over for being under the influence, you can hand over your contraband to the arresting officer. A sure way to get back on the road to the nearest chocolate bar in your town.

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