There are plenty of ways to spread some love and cheer during the Christmas holidays. This year our goodwill presents come in the form of sweet packages from WTF Cakes and Baked Goodies.

WTF stands for whattafilling, because these sweet treats are baked to fill your taste buds with flavors, your tummy with good food, and your heart with special feelings. What makes it more special is that I am doing the baking myself. You heard it right, I am now in the business of baking goodies for gifting.

I have always loved cakes, pastries, and almost all of the sweet stuff served for dessert or snacks but it was only recently that I got to appreciate making them. My friend Iris Pulga of PH Bakehouse taught me the basics of baking and I discovered that I actually have a passion for it. I started by following simple recipes and then experimenting with my own flavors. I may not have a formal training in baking but my friends and loved ones are impressed with what comes out of my oven – Perhaps because everything that comes out of my oven is filled with love. When I started getting regular requests for cakes and pastries, my namesake and mentor convinced me to turn it into a business venture.

We now have a good selection of WTF Cakes and Baked Goodies that are perfect for gifting this Christmas Season. Our cakes are available in classic Chocolate, Mocha, and Red Velvet flavors. Those who are looking for a more local or native taste can try the Yema flavoured cake.

Cupcakes and cookies are also popular treats during the holidays. Our Chocolate Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, and Chocolate Chip Cookies are practical gifts for people who entertain guests during holidays. Your recipients get to enjoy your gifts and share them with their guests as well. We also have Revel Bars, Banana Loaf, and Ensaymada available in our food gifting selection.

Crinkles Cookies

Let WTF Cakes and Baked Goodies make your friends and loved ones feel special this season. You can visit our page to know more about our products and message us for your orders. May these food gifts bring forth sweet and merry holidays for everyone.

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