Get More Attention and Fans as Singer or Songwriter

Justin Bieber was just an unknown boy living in Canada who liked singing when talent scouts first discovered him online. He went from an unknown to a superstar almost overnight, and he’s far from the only one. The popularity of websites like Facebook and Instagram led to musicians and singers showcasing their talent online, which let them gain more fans and become professional musicians. If you are a singer who writes your own music or sing songs recorded by others in the past, you can gain more fans and attention both online and off.

Upload Your Music

Did you know that you could upload your own music and the songs you performed to websites like iTunes? Every time someone downloads one of your songs, you’ll get a small amount of money back in your pocket. If you want to reach more fans, make sure you use the right tags. No one wants to download a song with a country music tag and find a hard core rap song instead. Fans who search for new artists often search for tags according to the type of music they like. If they like one of your songs, they might download more.

Market Yourself Online

Marketing yourself online is easier than ever before because of sites like Facebook. You can create a professional Facebook page that contains your entire music library or just a selection of your songs. Offering a smaller number of songs can get fans interested in your music and make them want to hear more. Link your Facebook page to all your other social networking pages, including Tumblr, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach the eyes of even more people. Make sure you include information as to how fans can find more of your music or even buy your latest album.

Get Attention in Your Community

You will definitely want to reach out to fans in your own community and let them know that you appreciate them. Talk with bars, nightclubs and even coffee shops that host open mic nights about signing up to sing. You may also volunteer to sing at local sporting events, fundraisers and other special events. Every time you stand in front of the microphone, you can connect with dozens of people. Use online methods to market yourself and rely on your local community to get more attention and increase your fan base.

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