#QCRocksat75: 75 Ways to Enjoy Quezon City

A lively and thriving city is never boring. It always has something new and fresh to offer, and yet still have your old favorites around. As Quezon City celebrates its 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary we have listed down 75 ways to explore, experience, and enjoy life in QC.

1. Food-tripping. Satisfy your penchant for food and explore the wide range of dining places in QC. One can choose from fast food, casual or fine dining, or something unique at popular locations like Timog Avenue, Tomas Morato, Banawe Street, Katipunan Avenue Maginhawa Street.

2. Have coffee with friends. Take a break from your usual coffee brand and explore the flavors of QC coffee shops. Try Craft Katipunan and Equatorial Coffee to name a few.

3. Shop and explore the UP Town Center. This is one of the newest malls in QC today. UP Town Center features the hottest and most popular brands that mirror the casual comfortable vibe of the students that come to the mall. Since it is located near school campuses, the stores in the mall are student-approved.

4. While we’re talking about shopping, do also check out other malls in Quezon City. There’s Robinson’s Magnolia, Fisher Mall, Gateway, TriNoMa, Eastwood Mall, SM North EDSA and many more.

5. Enhance your culinary talents. It doesn’t hurt to learn a new skill especially if it is as useful as cooking. QC is also home to some of the best culinary schools in the country like CCA Katipunan.

6. Have your photo taken with the mimes at Eastwood Mall. Capture some of fun and goofy moments with mime performers around the mall. Your souvenir photo can give you good vibes whenever you look at it.


7. A walk among the stars. Get a slight feel of Hollywood in QC with its local version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Stroll along the path of stars with names and hand prints of local celebrities at the Eastwood City, Walk of Fame.

8. Celebrity Sightseeing. Also known as City of Stars, QC is home to the Philippines’ major broadcasting networks such as ABS-CBN, GMA Network. Always be on the lookout because Aldub or Jadine or your favorite celebrities might just show up.

9. Stargazing at the PAGASA Observatory. The PAGASA Astronomical Observatory is located inside the campus of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, conducts stargazing and telescoping sessions to interested astronomy enthusiasts, upon request.

10. Have a pictorial at La Mesa Ecopark. Capture the beauty of nature around you with a snapshot at the La Mesa Ecopark, one of the biggest and most beautiful nature parks in the metro.

11. Boating at Eco Park. Taking a snapshot isn’t enough, enjoy the cool breeze and clean water as you ride a boat around the park.

12. Eat Isaw at Mang Larrys UP. Aside from fisball and kwek-kwek, isaw has been a street food favourite for many people. One of the best tasting isaw can be found at Mang Larry’s at UP Diliman.

13. Bird watching at Sky Garden, SM North. Have a relaxing morning or afternoon as you watch the birds and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Sky Garden at SM North.

14. Watch Movies in Comfort at Eastwood Ultra 7. Don’t just settle with a regular movie house. Pamper yourself with soft LA-Z boy seats that recline all the way, and enjoy comfort that comes easily in Ultra 7. Orders for popcorn or drinks-refreshments are unlimited, by the way`

15. Shopping at Dapitan Arcade. Need to find affordable house decors? Dapitan Arcade is a treasure trove for homemakers looking for budget friendly house decors. It’s our “go to” place when hunting for reasonably priced house decors, handicrafts, wood furniture, kitchen wares and even plants and pots.

16. Buy sushi at suki market. Sushi lovers can have a feast with fresh sushi platters available at the suki market.

17. FART. Visit F*ART Fashion ART, a funky fashionable finds fit for fun fab Filipinos. It’s a great place to unleash your inner artist and be free with your passion for fashion.

18. Sugar overdose at Chocolate Lover. Chocolate Lover is a baking supplies store that we frequently visit. They sell chocolate bars, packaging for pastries, confectionery, and more!

19. Watch PBA at Smart Araneta. There is nothing like watching a ballgame live at the venue itself. Treat yourself and your fellow sports fan to a live PBA game at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.


20. Have an annual check-up. QC has excellent medical assistance health centers and medical institutions like Lung Center of the Philippines, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Philippine Heart Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center.

21. Visit Churches to give your weary soul a much needed rest. QC has plenty of churches that offer solace for the soul along with bits of history and architecture for the mind. Sto Domingo Church, Quezon Ave cor Banawe, Iglesia ni Kristo along Commonwealth Ave., and Parish of the Holy Sacrifice are some of the well-known spots to visit.

22. Laser Tag in Centris. Get your body moving with a game of laser tag in Centris. This leisure activity is a great way to bond with young ones or the young at heart.


23. Shopping Center, U.P. Diliman, Quezon City. Printing, Bookbinding & Photocopying. This isn’t exactly a tourist spot but it has a nostalgic effect to UP Diliman Alumni. However, the adventurous foodie may want to explore the food stalls found around the shopping center.

24. Fly a kite at UP Sunken Garden. One can rarely find a kid flying a kite in their neighbourhood. Some might adults have never even flown a kite before. Take an afternoon off to visit the Sunken Garden at UP and try your hand at it or just watch kids have a go at it.

25. Ride a bike around the University of the Philippines. Get fit or simply enjoy a leisurely bike ride around the campus during weekends.

26. Don’t forget to take a picture at the OBLATION which is the emblem of U.P. Take a souvenir of your visit to this state university by taking your snapshot at its most iconic landmark, the Oblation Statue.

26. Visit Vargas Museum. The Jorge B. Vargas Museum & Filipiniana Research Center, located at the University of the Philippines Diliman campus, houses the collection of art, stamps and coins, library, personal papers and memorabilia of Jorge B. Vargas which he bequeathed to the university


27. Jog along QC Circle. Get fit with a daily jog under the shade of trees at the QC Memorial Circle.

28. Night scene at Tomas Morato and Timog. Experience the virbrant nightlife in QC with hip music, comedy bars, dining, etc. Located in the roundabout of Tomas Morato and Timog, night owls can choose from a wide array of restaurants/bars/coffeeshops.

29. Hydrotherapy massage from Ace Water Spa QC. Soothe your aching muscles with a hydrotherapy massage from Ace Water Spa QC. You can bring the whole family along and take your pick from their various pools.

30. Take a shot at Shooting Ranges. Load up and see if your aim is good at the firing range. Aspiring marksmen can hone their skills at the shooting ranges that can be found in QC.

31. Discover Art in Island. Play around with 3D art and take your pictures from different perspectives at the Art in Island QC. Both kids and adults can have fun in taking snapshots of each other.

32. Have a go at Mystery Manila. If you are looking for adventure then head out to Mystery Manila at Libis QC. This first ever live escape game is sure to add fun and excitement to your afternoon.

33. Sit back and relax at Gazebo Royale. The gray urban landscape can be tiring at times. Escape to a relaxing view of nature without leaving the city at Gazebo Royale.

34. Be a kid at the Wow Toy Museum. With over 13000 toys of all shapes and kinds on display, you’ll surely be reliving your fun and happy childhood memories.

35. Have a laugh at Comedy Clubs. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Laugh your stress away with the funny antics of comics at the comedy clubs of QC. A word of caution though, some of this clubs are not for the onion skinned.

36. Dine at UP Ayala Techno Hub. Dine and hang out with friends and family at the UP Ayala Techno Hub. One can choose from several restaurants in the Hub or just sit around the benches at the open area while nibbling on their take out.

37. Visit Balara Filter Park. There are several things to do at the Balara Filter Park. One can view the art deco buildings, have a picnic, swim, or simply explore the park. Bring your friends or your kids to make the most out of your experience.

38. Take a tour of Quezon heritage house. Travel back in time and get a glimpse of how life is during President Manuel L. Quezon. The Quezon Heritage House is a replica of the old vacation house of the Commonwealth President which was originally located on Gilmore St., New Manila, Quezon City

39. Visit Barrio Pugad Lawin (Balintawak).

40. Stop by the People Power Monument. Enrich your knowledge in art and history by taking a glimpse of the sculptures made to commemorate the events of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

41. Take part in the UP lantern parade. Feast your eyes in colourful lanterns and experience the festive ambiance of the UP Lantern parade.

42. Buy Lechon La Loma. One of the best places to buy lechon in the country is in La Loma QC. Rows of roasted pigs are a sight to behold when you shop for lechon in this area.

43. Explore Sidcor Sunday Market. Have a food adventure and explore the different food stalls in the market. Fresh produce and cooked food can be bought here. There are also stalls that offer household essentials, gardening, etc.

44. Have your desserts at Gayuma ni Maria. More than the food, it is the menu itself that makes this restaurant interesting. One is tempted to try their desserts with labels like Two Become One, Holding Hands While Walking Pa-Swing Swing Pa, and Beats Sex Any Day.

45. See the Giant Christmas Tree in Araneta Center. Be there at the annual Christmas Tree lighting event at the Araneta Center and feel the full effect of a giant Christmas tree being lit in front of you.

46. Have a taste of traditional style Filipino breads at Kamuning Bakery. This bakery makes artisanal breads, cookies and cakes based on recipes and practices passed on from generation to generation and using “pugon” or wood-fired brick oven.

47. Witness the Oblation Run. The Oblation Run is an annual activity of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity in UP wherein frat men would run stark naked with their heads covered.

48. Have a sundae at the Magnolia Flavor House, Robinsons Magnolia. Going to the Magnolia Ice Cream house is a big treat for kids back in the 80’s. The old plant is now a mall and out in the middle sits the Magnolia Ice Cream House, a newer one, but the memories & tastes of our own ice cream is still very much alive.

49. Boodle fight Gerry’s Jeepney Maginhawa. A boodle fight is always fun when you do it with friends and or family members. It gets better if you do it a Jeepney booth at Gerry’s Jeepney.

50. Shop at Cubao Expo: Your One-Stop Hub to Everything Unique and amazing. If you are looking for unique finds then this is a good place to go. You can pick your way along novelty shops, specialty stores, vintage shops, etc. to find what you are looking for.

51. Unwind at Sip & Gogh. Sip & Gogh is the first-of-its kind paint and sip studio in the country. A perfect place to be with family and friends to relax, socialize, and enjoy time painting together while sipping your favorite beverage.

52. Grab a staycation at Novotel Manila Araneta Center. There is no need to leave the city to get your much needed R&R. Just grab yor bags and book into Novotel Manila, the biggest hotel in QC.

53. Eat Tapsilog at Rodic’s Shopping Center UP. This old time favorite of UP students has spread its wings to different locations in the metro. Unlike the traditional tapa, the beef is shredded and fried in Rodic’s tapsilog. Giving this Filipino breakfast staple a fun twist.

54. Watch musical plays at PETA Theater Center. Expand your theatrical exposure by watching as many musical plays as you can. The PETA Theater Center is a popular venue for great musicals.

55. Stop by the PBB house. The Pinoy Big Brother house is perhaps the most popular house in the country. The show’s popularity attracts fans and curious people around to take pictures and have a look at the famous house.

56. Witness a wedding at Fernwood Gardens. Some of the most beautiful weddings around have been held in Fernwood Gardens. It is quite an experience to witness one.

57. Participate in the Grand Procession of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary La Naval.

58. Take a trip to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center.

59. Check out the Amoranto Stadium. It has a track and field oval, a volleyball court, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.

60. Adopt a preloved book at Bookay-Ukay. Bookay-Ukay is a second-hand book shop located in Maginhawa Street, UP Teacher’s Village

61. Take the eco-trail or go camping at the La Mesa Nature Reserve/Watershed.

62. Visit Quezon City Hall. One can learn a lot about a city by visiting its seat of power.

63. Play Golf at Veterans Memorial Golf Course. Get your gear and caddy ready for a quiet game of golf at the Veterans Memorial Golf Course.

64. Eat Siopao at Ma Mon Luk located along Quezon Avenue and established in the 1920’s.

65. Make a round trip to Welcome Rotonda. Designed as the gateway to Quezon City, its purpose is to greet visitors of the newly established capital. This is where three of Metro Manila’s busiest roads meet, namely: Espana Boulevard in Manila, Quezon Avenue and E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City. It was renamed “Mabuhay” in 1995.

66. Visit Camps Crame and Aguinaldo. Have a glimpse of Police and Army headquarters by visiting these camps

67. Offer eggs at Monasterio de Santa Clara. Most people who visit the Monasterio de Santa Clara are seeking prayer intercessions. Some believe that offering eggs will help grant their requests or wishes, while others offer eggs as thanksgiving.

68. Adopt a pet – PAWS ( Philippine Animal Welfare Society)

69. Watch a gig at the 70’s Bistro.

70. Join the bazaar at Elements Tent Eton Centris. Take advantage of bazaars this Christmas season and find great items for gifting or set up your own booth and earn extra for the holidays.

71. Attend a garden or orchid show at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

72. Take a tour to Sining Kamalig art gallery.

73. Take a drive at the “Autoparts Capital of the Philippines”, Banawe Avenue. Banawe has been known as top destination for car enthusiasts, because of the long row of stores selling car parts and accessories.

74. Pay tribute to the Tandang Sora Shrine. Built in 2008, this shrine was built to honor Melchora Aquino or Tandang Sora, the mother of the Philippine Revolution. The Shrine also has a museum where one can find Tandang Sora’s old pictures and family tree among other things.

75. Watch a noontime show live at the Studio. QC is home to the top two networks in the country, ABS-CBN and GMA. Being able to watch a noontime show live in the studio can be a fun experience too.

Quezon City has changed a lot over 75 years and I’m pretty sure residents of QC can add a couple of things in this list. I may not be a resident of QC but I consider it as my second home because I spent a lot of my growing up years there.

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