How To Use A Safety Harness

If you have a job that involves climbing, then you know that you need the proper safety equipment in order to prevent falls. One of the items that you can get is a fall protection harness. This will help keep you secured to the object you are climbing, and if something were to happen, there are safety features that can keep you from falling long distances.

Before you wear the harness, you need to learn about how it works. You don’t want any malfunctions because the equipment isn’t worn properly. There are various sizes, and there are different styles for men and women. When you wear the harness correctly, there will be straps that go around the thighs and the trunk of the body. These straps will provide the stability that you need while off the ground. A force will be distributed to help you stop if you were to fall.

You need to inspect the harness for any damages or worn area. If you see anything that might pose a safety hazard, then don’t wear the harness. Read all of the warnings and instructions that are given by the manufacturer. While some of these instructions could be confusing, they can give you a good base of information until you are comfortable in securing the harness. Make sure the straps and other components are snug and not loose. Only begin climbing when you feel safe in the harness. If you feel like there are areas that aren’t tight enough, then avoid climbing until they are adjusted. There is a D-ring that the lanyard of the harness is connected to, which will be how you are connected to the pole, roof or other object you are climbing. Make sure the anchor point can hold your weight and the equipment before climbing.

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