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As a busy wife, most of the time, I find it hard to prepare healthy but delicious food for my husband. Good thing, I discovered FisherFarms, where I can buy a ready to cook, microwaveable frozen products. Actually, FisherFarms products are not just ordinary ones, their frozen foods are made of fish, such as Rellenong Bangus, Fish nuggets and Fish Longganisa, among others.Personally, I am not fond of taking out fish bones from my mouth, or even separating fish meat from fish bones, I’m just glad that Fisher Farms products are 100% boneless!


I already tried their Rellenong Bangus and I was overwhelmed by its huge size, not to mention its delectable taste, of course!


But then my favorites are their Bangus Lemon Butter and Gourmet Selections Roasted Garlic Milkfish Loins. Gourmet Selections Roasted Garlic & Herbs Milkfish Loins is 400g per pack and good for 4 servings. It is described as “Succulent milkfish loins in a decadent and zesty garlic marinade, best paired with salad greens, corn on the cob or a cup of rice and can be grilled, pan-fried, or baked”.


While their Bangus Lemon Butter is a microwaveable meal, which is available in either 250 g (1-2 servings) or 400 g (about 4 servings). It is a deboned milkfish belly with a rich, tangy lemon butter sauce and can be best paired with a steaming cup of rice or a side of vegetables.

Even my nephew, who doesn’t want fish, said that Nuggets are now his new favorite food (note: he didn’t know that the nuggets are made of fish)


Fisherfarms’ Nuggets are made from 100% fish meat, FisherFarms products are good sources of protein and contain Omega-3 and brain-building DHA. They’re also lower in fat than their pork and chicken counterparts. Ready-to-cook and certified kid-friendly, Fisher Farms Kiddies help make eating seafood fun and enjoyable for the whole family!”


Anyway, FisherFarms have a wide selection of healthy and delicious products such as the all-natural fish sausages, gourmet selection milkfish loins, regular fish delis microwaveable meals, kiddie fish delis, Deboned milkfish and frozen whole fish.

FisherFarms has the largest number of sea fish cages in the Philippines. While majority of its business is driven by its bangus or milkfish products, FFI is also in the business of growing and processing other species such as tilapia, pompano, and shrimp.
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