Bonding, Awards, and Entertainment from Sutla Flawless Distributors Night

Owners, executives, and employees of Glowcal Marketing Corporation and distributors of Sutla Flawless products got together for a fun filled Christmas Party during the Sutla Flawless Distributors Night held last December 21, 2014 at the Marikina Convention Center. As one of the distributors, I got excited. It was a good opportunity to meet other distributors and celebrate the holidays with our business partners. So off we went to the convention center dressed to the nines and ready to party.

Everyone looked great as they arrived in the venue wearing their chosen formal wear. Program hosts Wowie de Guzman, Christopher Roxas (Christopher Sommereux), and Gladys Reyes-Sommereux added glitter to the affair. But, it was evident from the start that the distributors are the stars of the event. They were welcomed by a dance number from celebrities Gladys Reyes and Wowie de Guzman, CEO daughter Karen Serevo, and other dancers aka Glowcal employees =D


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Distributors were then requested to go on stage and take the spotlight as Michael Pangilinan serenaded them.


Dinner was served after the serenade and the delicious meal was accompanied by an equally enjoyable video presentation about Glowcal Marketing Corporation and their new products.

After a filling meal, it was time for some light entertainment. Luke Mijares rendered his serenade with a touch of fun as he went around the tables to interact with guests, jesting and imitating gay movements at some point.



More fun came in a flawlessly deceiving package in the form of stand-up comedian Angel. This comedian could pass off as a real girl with a sexy body, flawless skin and feminine features. The dead giveaway was his voice. Angel spoke and sang in a very masculine baritone voice, something that can really confuse one’s senses. Nonetheless, he (uhm…or she) was a truly delightful surprise.



Awards were also given out during the Sutla Flawless Distributors Night. First was the Mr. and Ms. Flawless of the Night, the flawless couple of the evening were asked to showcase their talent in an impromptu dance with Wowie de Guzman.


The top 10 distributors of Sutla Flawless products were also recognized and awarded with fabulous prizes.


To our surprise we got the #2 spot! Our very own Flawless Papaya Republic bagged the top 2 award for 2014 Outstanding Sales Performance. Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to win that award on our own. So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal resellers for making us one of the top Sutla Flawless distributors for 2014.


Prizes include a trip to Boracay for those who placed in the 6th to 10th spots and a trip to Macau for those who got the 1st to 5th place.

The awarding ceremonies was followed by the performance of SQUARE1, the Philippines first all-kid rock band. The band members are probably just 9-12 years old but they sure know how to rock an event!


Before the night ended a new line of products was unveiled, the GLADYS REYES line. (will blog about it soon!)

The party culminated with a special dance number from the Glowcal staff and officers.

Madam Elizabeth Pavlovic with her surprise dance number
Madam Elizabeth Pavlovic with her surprise dance number

Of course, Glowcal Marketing wouldn’t let their guests leave without souvenirs. Attendees brought home their shots from Photobooth by SNN and Flawless Papaya Republic and Glowcal Product.

10882110_806384176101445_8135464842795461924_nPhotobooth Photos => Click Here

But more than just the souvenirs we also got a lot of fun and memorable experiences with new found friends from this event. Bonding moments, fabulous food and entertainment, and everything else about the 2014 Sutla Flawless Distributors Night makes it worth the time and the trip for everyone who attended the event, especially those who came from as far as Isabela, Cebu or Basilan. Our thanks to Glowcal Marketing Corp. for hosting a great event and continuously providing quality products that bring us income opportunities.

Photo Credits: Kiss Bizz, Madam Elizabeth Pavlovic, and Square1

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