Jollibee Celebrates Grandparents Day

In line with the celebration of the Grandparents’ Day, Jollibee hosted a special party for the lolos and lolas of Kanlungan ni Maria, a home for the aged.

At first, I was hesitant mainly for two reasons, first, because I am so busy with my business that I really have a hectic schedule and second, and I guess the main reason is, I really have a soft heart for the elders. I easily get emotional when it comes to grandparents, plus the fact that it’s a place where most of the elders are abandoned.

Anyway, I attended the event even though I was wide awake for 24hrs since I know that this is for a good cause. One of the highlights was when Marissa Sanchez rendered a few song for the lolos and lolas.


Jollibee mascot was also there and delightfully showed his signature dance moves to make the grandparents happy on their special day. Jollibee danced, giggled and even gave high fives. He went around the entire area with the same level of high energy and hugged everyone. It was like attending a kid’s party =D


Tons of big hugs and ear-to-ear smiles everywhere. Seeing the smiles on the lolo and lola’s faces.. PRICELESS!

I can feel how grateful they are for giving them the extra attention and care, especially on their remarkable Grandparents Day. Most of them happily talked to us, sharing their thoughts and experiences. They even shared that some of them have “little businesses” inside the Kanlungan ni Maria, such as ponytail making and selling them for only P10.00. There was also a time when one of the bloggers asked a Lola this, “wala bang nagkakadevelopan dito, Lola?” then the Lola was quick to reply, “…eh kapapangit mga lalaki dito”. Her response made everyone in the burst into laughter.

They were like children who never stops telling us their story and smiling. Most of them were carefree and I can’t see any sign of their old age based on their smiles, that they don’t care anymore whether their “time” is nearly up. They are just enjoying the moment, specifically when the all-time favorite Jollibee mascot greeted them individually with matching traditional “mano”.

I am happy that these elders are in good hands under the care of Kanlungan ni Maria and not homelessly roaming the streets and begging instead. Kanlungan ni Maria’s primary clientele are senior citizens who are poor, abandoned, homeless and sick elderly, who have no immediate family and relatives to look after them. It is healthy and a home for the aged with the deepest desire to care for the elderly. It is a home environment wherein the elders could live a better and dignified life and while they are in the home, the staffs, the caregivers and the volunteers provides them love and affections, support and maintain their daily needs. Throughout their stay in the home, a social worker will try to locate their families and friends for the purpose of reconciliation. In case no family can be traced, a long-term placement will be provided for them.

For more details, you can contact Kanlungan ni Maria at the following details below :
Address: #17 Lanzones Road, Nayong Silangan Antipolo City, 1870
Telephone/Fax Numbers: 650-8102
Cellphone Number: 0915-6002631
Email Address:

Happy Grandparent’s Day!

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