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Water is one of the essentials of life. Everyone knows that the body needs ample supply of water (at least 8 glasses, as we all were taught in school) to maintain optimal functioning. Water is one of nature’s most abundant resources. Yet, the modern world has somehow managed to pollute Earth’s basins. This results in a host of illnesses, some of which can be fatal. In some areas of the world like the Philippines, there is a need to buy clean drinking water. And when you have other living expenses to worry about, you want to find the most cost effective way to provide clean and pure drinking water for your family.

Even when you have budget considerations, you cannot compromise the quality of the water that you drink. You cannot settle for water that comes from just any source. With Pureit, you can enjoy the benefits of having clean and pure water right in your own home without spending for bottled or packaged water.


Pureit is a water purification system that comes from one of the world leading brands in consumer goods, Unilever. It makes use of the breakthrough Programmed Germkill Technology to purify water.


The Pureit Germkill Processor takes care of removing viruses and bacteria from the water. The water then passes on to the Microfibre Mesh where physical impurities are filtered from the water before it moves on to the Carbon Polisher where any harmful parasites, pesticides, and chlorine are cleaned from the water. This results in clear and odourless water that tastes pure and clean. The final step gives double protection as the Microcharged Membrane again processes the water to remove any parasites still present.


This multi-stage water purification system has been tested and certified to meet the global safety standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This just proves that Pureit is indeed an effective way to make sure that the water your family drinks is free from germs and other harmful micro-organisms.


As compared to other water purifiers, Pureit has a lot of advantages. To start with, it does not make use of electricity so there are no recurring power costs. It’s a stand-alone unit that does its job without the need for a power source. Two of the other features that make Pureit unique from other water purifiers are the end-of-life indicator and the auto-shut off mechanism. With these features, there is no guessing whether your filter already needs to be replaced already. You know exactly when you need a new filter for optimum cleaning power for the purest water possible.


A Pureit unit costs about P4,998, while its replacement filter kit goes for about P1,000. You don’t have to worry about frequent filter replacements as a kit can be used up to 7 months (for about 1,500 liters of water). At most, you will only have to spend P2,000 for an entire year’s worth of filters. That’s a small price to pay to ensure that your family has the purest drinking water at home. Water, after all, is life – and, there’s not value you can attach to a healthy life for your family.

How much do I save from PureIt?


For more info about Unilever Pureit, visit pureitwater.com/PH/

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