Meet Kakao Friends on KakaoTalk!

The gang’s all here to join you and your friends for more exciting chats with KakaoTalk. Now, you can use KakaoTalk stickers and emoticons to add more punch to your chat messages. These KakaoFriends have their own characteristics and emotions – they’re just like you! You can easily find KakaoFriends that mimic exactly how you feel and what you want to say. You can enjoy the company of these spirited messaging buddies exclusively on KakaoTalk.

Meet the Gang

· The Dude with a Heart – Afro-haired Groovy Jay-G struts his stuff with his cool sunglasses and a crisp suit in a manner much like Jay-Z. You will love him for his clumsy nature hidden behind that calm and cool-headed image. He has a soft heart that just cries out for affection. If you want to a little more loving, it’s definitely time to use Jay-G stickers.

· Energetic Prankster – Mischief is what Apeach brings to your chats. She is just beaming with energy. Cute as peach, this orchard runaway has a sexy behind that works like a charm. Be careful, though, because Apeach has quite a temper. If you need a stronger way to express your words, Apeach can do it for you.

· The Wealthy Yet Spoiled City Dog – Laid-back and relaxed are words that fit Frodo to a tee. Although he feels a little bit inferior because he has mongrel roots, he simply throws caution to the wind and takes the time to enjoy life.

· The Prim and Self-Oriented Cat – If there’s someone who will never run out of selfies, it would be Neo. This self-absorbed cat takes pride in her bob cut wig. She enjoys a love-hate relationship with Frodo, much like any other cat and dog you know of. BFFs can truly relate to these two characters.

· The Warm-hearted Duck – Reserved and unassuming, Tube actually has an alter-ego that you cannot toy with. He wears flippers all the time to cover up his small feet, perhaps a hereditary feature from the ugly duckling who’s believed to be a distant relative.

· The Curious Radish – No, he’s not a bunny, Muzi is a yellow radish who just loves to wear cute bunny costumes. Without his costume, Muzi feels shy. This playful character has something to offer for those who wish to bring out their childish side.

· The Mysterious Croc – There’s nothing scary about this croc. Con is actually Muzi’s “angel. He was actually the one who created Muzi for reasons only he knows. He always has his own agenda, you know. He even watches over Muzi all the time. Con is just the perfect character for those who feel that they need to watch over their “babies” even after they’re all grown up.

Let the KakaoFriends gang spice up your chats. With huge selection of characters, you will not run out of stickers and animated emoticons that amplify your messages. Express yourself better with these new characters from KakaoTalk.

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