Dumb Ways to Die Game App is now available for iOS!

“Dumb Ways to Die”, perfectly fits to those individuals who are fond of doing curious kinds of stuff. But playing such thing is more fun and exciting compare to just listening to it. Eventually, a new mobile application has been created- the Dumb Ways to Die game. This mobile game app is based according to the rail safety campaign in Australia made by Metro Trains. In fact, it has something to do with being careful and aware in doing activities wherever you are.


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Dumb Ways to Die is all about keeping those “dumb yet cute and adorable” characters alive no matter what the situations are. It features varieties of series of mini games which also come up with different scenarios. From characters down to the scenes that can be seen in the game are all can be seen on its official viral music video which created by the creator of the app.

The game is for free yet as of this moment, it is only offered to iOS users such as those who own the following except for devices that use iOS versions older than 4.3: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone5, iPad, and the 3rd to the 5th generations of the iPod Touch. It also supports multiple languages which include Japanese, both traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

This mobile game is perfect for all ages but for kids below 10 years old, parents are advised to guide their kids due to the game’s app rating of 9+ for its intense cartoon or fantasy and mild realistic violence.

Just like the other games, expect that this one is also entertaining, fun, and addicting!

Quality of the Game

Dumb Ways to Die game doesn’t have that revolutionary graphics as what other games have. It only features basic cartoon effect look that appears to be very basic yet appeals cute and adorable. The sound and the music don’t appeal that much yet it beats with the game’s theme.

The Goal of the Game

The main goal of the game is to keep the character you are playing alive through tapping, swiping, and tilting the device you are using.

Some of the scenarios can be seen in the mini games are the following:

  • The Egg-Shaped is on Fire

One of the mini games involve is where a blue egg-shaped character whose head is on fire. To keep it alive, the player should make it run by tapping on the screen as fast as they can.

  • Avoiding Psycho Killer

This mini game is about avoiding a Psycho killer. It involves three doors with eyeholes or peepholes. The player has to choose the door that does not have the psycho killer behind it in order to keep alive.

  • Patience in Crossing

The goal of this mini game is to move letter tiles to spell the word “patience” correctly within a certain time limit. If you miss of doing so, you get your dumb character out of life.

Dumb Ways to Die is indeed a new kind of game that doesn’t just allow you to play and enjoy but also brings up awareness to people to take precautionary measures in every situation that could possibly happen anytime. Now, let your friends and the whole family know about the game and start enjoying and get aware at the same time!

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