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As gadgets get more high-tech, a lot of applications gone well too.  And one of it is the Soundhound app that helps you recognize the song you want to sing just in case you forgot its lyrics or its title. With this all new application, by just humming or singing, it will help you identify what song it is.


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Soundhound is one of the new generation applications available in the market today. It helps individuals to identify any song they hear, sing, or even hum! Just by tapping the screen, the app will do its work. It holds a massive database that identifies easily and instantly the music it hears. It is indeed a good application to have. Soundhound is available both to iOS and Android devices. For more details, visit

The Alternatives

Soundhound is one of the applications that are very popular today. However, it has no version for computers yet. But then, one can still possibly use the application through installing Bluestacks App Player Software in one’s computer.  

If you want to give a try of this Soundhound application to your computer, installing Bluestacks App Player Software is definitely the best to have. It allows you to run Android applications even without using any compatible device. If the two applications are installed, you can use the Soundhound in your PC as how it works in Android and iOS devices.

But then, those who would like to have the same type of features and functions, there are alternatives similar to the original application. It may not be Soundhound itself; yet, those alternative software offer almost similar service.


In finding music, Shazam is also a good alternative application for Soundhound. Similar to it, using Bluestacks can help you run the software to your PC. Old and new popular songs are guaranteed can be found as long as the audio or tune you play is clear.


Midomis is also a good alternative for Soundhound application. The advantage of this app is that you can use your own voice and hum the tune of the song you want to get recognize. Provided that your computer has a microphone and can play audio, even humming the melody of the song, Midomi will help you discover what the song through its large-scale data base.


Audiggle is also a good application to try. It is similar to Soundhound yet this one is features a paid-service in finding music. However, you can still avail a free service only if you limit your search to five per month. You can go beyond your search, that only allows you if you are going to purchase the service app. It’s not that expensive though.

The Verdict

Soundhound app may not extend its use for PC, there are still a lot of alternatives can be availed. But nonetheless, the original app is still the best choice to have. For now, only Android and iOS users can enjoy the Soundhound app’s features.

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