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When it comes to translating your content for an overseas market, do you really want to leave the job in an amateur’s hands? This is how your brand, business or blog will be represented to an entire country filled with native speakers. Professionalism matters.

In that respect, here are just a few reasons to use a professional translation service.


Most translation services have a rigorous screening or training process that eliminates anyone who doesn’t have a near-fluent grasp of the language. This means you won’t be dealing with someone who only knows Japanese from anime or Italian from their favorite pizza place.


Farm out the word “dog” to three different translators and you might receive “dog,” “canine” or “pooch” in response. But professional translation companies check for this kind of thing with proofreading and language standardization, leaving you with clear, unchanging language that won’t confuse your international customers.


There are many nuances to language that are only readily obvious to a native speaker. For example, “mother” may be the official English word for a woman who raises a child, but most Americans don’t call their moms that. Professional linguist will understand his/her language’s quirks and complexities in a way that casual speakers simply won’t.


In the time it takes you to find a translator, vet their skills, hand off the project, set up their payment and then double-check their work, a professional translation service could have finished the entire thing and had a cup of tea. They’re the faster, more accurate and more convenient way to translate your documents, so if you’re looking to spread your services to a worldwide market, pick the professionals and save yourself a lot of hassle.

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