A Restaurant Guide for the Daring Globetrotter

Food and travel always go hand in hand. Having a taste of authentic local cuisine, after all, is one of the best ways to immerse oneself in the local culture. Anywhere you go, local cuisine will always be rich in history and culture as it is in taste. This is also why trips to the local market and decades-old neighborhood restos are often included in travel tours. Some daring travelers even bravely try exotic dishes that are not for the fainthearted or for those with weak stomachs. These daring globetrotters and food enthusiasts would find the infographic below very useful.  Here’s something that they should put in their bucket list – dining in space, underwater, in a cave, in a volcano, and inside ice.

PartsTown Elemental Dining Infographic
Presented By PartsTown

Dining in these restaurants do come at a steep price but the expense is well worth the extreme`culinary adventure you’d get to enjoy.  Enjoying a fancy dinner while floating in the air or surrounded by ice is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  Not many can boast that they have eaten on a volcano in Spain.  A trip to any of these restaurants is definitely something any globetrotter should save up for.

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