Woman’s Purse Must-Have: pH Care Feminine Wipes

Wallet, phone, face powder, lipstick, and pocket tissues – these are the top five must-haves in any woman’s purse.  Of course, plenty of women have much more than these but these five are the essentials that no woman should ever leave home without. But there’s one more item that every woman should have in her purse – a pack of pHcare feminine wipes.   Since they come in small packets with resealable openings, these feminine wipes come quite handy to those who are always on the go. Now you can pee in peace even in public restrooms with no toilet paper or bidet.
Most women use tissue to wipe their private parts but I myself avoid using them.  I feel that tissues cause irritation and would rather use wet wipes.  Now, ordinary wet wipes just won’t do so I use pHcare feminine wipes.  These feminine wipes are alcohol free and are hypoallergenic to ensure that you don’t get rashes on sensitive areas.  Plus, they’re very soft and don’t uncomfortably scratch my intimate part.  They’re also thick enough to thoroughly clean my private part.  Moreover, they’re delicately scented and leave me feeling fresh and clean down under.
I’ll let you in on my little secret – I even use pHcare feminine wipes even when I’m just at home.  Good thing they’re safe to use every day so I don’t have to worry about irritations. Most importantly, I can feel confident knowing that my intimate part is really clean.
If you don’t have a pack in your purse yet, better grab one on your next shopping trip.  Better yet, grab several so you’ll always have extras on hand.


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