This popular brag tag has been used many times over for so many years. Yet, it never grows old as our dear grandparents are often the source of our inspiration and motivation. My daughter Keisha has her share of “wala ka sa Lolo/Lola ko” stories. She’s the first grandchild on both sides of the family. It is not a surprise that she has become the sole receiver of all the doting and “spoiling” of her grandparents. Aside from the gifts that her grandparents bring her, what she looks forward the most in every visit is a bucketful of Jollibee Chickenjoy. Oh yes, they never fail to bring with them this bucketful of joy every single time they visit us. Moreover, a lot of Keisha’s stories about her Lolos and Lolas are those that come from their visits to Jollibee – their fave food stop for their bonding moments.


Over a bucket of Chickenjoy, my little Keisha and her grandparents talk about everything from the past, present, and future – not all in one sitting, of course. All these stories make their trips to Jollibee even more memorable and meaningful. It is during these times when our parents are able to share their own experiences with our children. Keisha learned about how different things were during her grandparents’ youth. The thought of life without internet and mobile phones seemed to be impossible to her, but the interesting ways through which her Lolos and Lolas entertained themselves were amusing enough. Keisha also learned about how her Lolo patiently courted her Lola until she fell to his romantic ways. The stories of flowers and serenades are always met with playful jeers and teasing smiles. There are more stories to be told over bucketfuls of Chickenjoy and many more trips to Jollibee for sure.

Through these stories, the wisdom of the old is passed on to the young. It’s more than just entertaining stories. These visits to Jollibee are more than just ways to satisfy their cravings for crispy and juicy Chickenjoy. These visits are full of buckets-ful of memories with Lolo and Lola to guide Keisha throughout her own life. “Wala ka sa Lolo’t Lola ko, may Chickenjoy bucket na, may kwento pa!”

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