It’s Not Too Late to Grab the Back to School Bargains

The most organised of us have probably had the school uniform for each one of our kids tucked away all washed, ironed and ready to go for the past month or so. Others, however, will have left things until last minute because time goes by far too quickly and they’ve lost track of it.

While you may be a little late to the party, don’t worry. There are still a few days in which you can stock up on all of the essentials and, with the fantastic value school uniform from George, you won’t have to spend over the odds either.

You may find that some places are selling out fast as the mad rush begins but, if you pop down to your local George, you will find the rails still packed with all the bits and pieces you will need.

Some schools will require you to purchase labelled clothes that have been embroidered with the school logo. While not all of the uniform will have to be like this, make sure you check the uniform list so that you know what you can and can’t get away with. Where you can, buy the uniform from George or another reasonably priced brand – after all, kids will be kids!

If you don’t already have some, order some iron on name labels and label all of the uniform items so that things are less likely to get lost forever. At least then, every time your child has PE, you won’t risk losing a sweatshirt or other piece of clothing that can be costly to replace.

Consider purchasing the essentials as soon as possible so that, come their first day of school, they have everything they could possibly need.

Polo Shirts are common in many schools nowadays and George sells a variety of colours that will likely be inkeeping with the colours that your child’s school requires you to buy. Alternatively, white blouses and shirts are also available. Have a good stock of these so that you won’t be stuck to your washing machine all the time!

Trousers or Skirts are another basic essential and it’s up to you how many you buy. Skirts are available for all ages, while pinafores are a great choice for the autumn and winter months. Team with socks or tights to keep the legs warm.

Shoes need to fit perfectly and, if possible, provide added protection such as being scuff resistant. We all know how playful and boisterous our kids can be and if the shoes don’t stand up to their rough and tumble, they won’t last long!

PE Kit, consisting of gym shorts, t shirt and plimsolls, is required for PE days. Pop them into their gym bag so that it’s ready to go.

Older children will also need stationery, so make sure that you go along to the shops at some point before school sets in to pick up the last bits and pieces. You may be able to pick up some bargains because of the end of line sales, too!

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