The highs and lows of life

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Now there is a title that everyone can relate to. It is the natural progression of things. As soon as one aspect of your (my!) life starts to go well, everything begins to unravel somewhere else. Blogs all over the internet are filled with these stories and both mum bloggers like me and dad bloggers are happy to share their experiences. And it is a good thing for me that they are – I’d hate to feel as though I’m the only person that this sort of thing happens to. A quick look at a few of these makes it very clear that we are all in the same boat.

This particular dad blogger summed it up in a very short post about highs and lows. His low point of the week was a spectacular falling-out with his wife. His high point was the child-free time he was able to spend with his wife. Hands up anyone who has never had a week like that! In my house it happens frequently and sometimes the highs and lows come round so fast they can leave you spinning. He manages to capture that sensation perfectly and with a great deal of humour too.

First of all, this particular blogger makes it clear that he is not a great dad and wants to simply share his journey with others. There are some posts on this site that most parents – mums and dads – will easily relate to. The trip to the dentist for example. Everyone has dreaded this trip at some point, remembering very clearly the reaction of the child to the last dental check up. No one wants to be the parent in the waiting room with the hysterical child. He tells how it was possible to take the child to the dentist and introduce an element of fun to keep them calm. This is a little tip I’m going to be storing away for future reference, and if I’m kind enough, I might let my own readers in on the secret.

Highs and lows are never more apparent than in the world of DIY. Anyone who lives in the same house as an enthusiastic DIYer will know that there do tend to be more downs than ups, unless your other half is already a skilled tradesman. Take a look at this blog to find out more – and do not be fooled into thinking that he hates DIY! It might drive his wife and kids mad but he loves it really and there is plenty here to have a laugh about.

Whenever I have a low point, I have to try to remind myself that there will be a high just around the corner and reading some of these dad blogs alongside some of my favourite mum blogs makes sure that I never forget. Sometimes I try to avoid sharing the lows on my own blog but these have shown that even the lows can have a good side and will help others.

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  1. MInsan lang nakakamiss ang those were the days natin na blogging days where in we would blog hop leave a genuine message and then be visited back…

    Mas madaming nabuo na online to offline friendship nuon kaysa ngayon, now may blogging politics na hehehe…

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