Carpet cleaning isn’t always thought of as something with a technical edge. The truth, of course, is that carpet cleaning is just as nuanced and technical as any other industry, with the changes in technology that come with that. Cleaning carpet now isn’t the same as it was ten years ago.

Some companies, like ABC Rug and Carpet Care, keep up with the new technology as it arises. This is usually a good policy, because carpets themselves are changing. It was only recently that carpets resistant to moisture damage started being installed, for instance. For a very long time, significant flooding or dampness could cause carpet to warp and stretch. New modes of carpeting demand new modes of cleaning.

The biggest notable trend is a reduction in harsh chemical usage. As manufacturing technology improves, steaming devices are growing more accessible, and importantly, they’re granting their users greater control over the temperature and pressure of the steam. This greater degree of control allows for safer cleaning of a broader variety of carpets. Steam cleaning simply wasn’t feasible for more delicate weaves in the past, but now, the ability to reduce the temperature to safe levels and regulate the pressure lets steam be an effective go-to cleaning tool. This is exceptionally important for individuals with easily-aggravated allergies, who can grow quite sick when exposed to the harsh chemicals traditionally used in cleaning to avoid the damage brought on by moisture and heat. Carpet is a living, breathing industry, and it’s important to remember that cleaning can be technical too.

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