Memorable Birthdays with Hello Kitty and Jollibee

Many adults today have surely had their own Hello Kitty experiences when they were younger. I remember having tons of Hello Kitty stuff when I was growing up. I had everything from hair accessories to clothes and even a few room décor with this popular Sanrio character. Even one of my birthday parties had a Hello Kitty theme. Although it was just held at home, it was among my most memorable birthday celebrations. Today, children can have the same birthday party theme in the happiest place there is today – Jollibee.


Birthday parties at Jollibee are always fun-filled for kids and convenient for moms and dads. I’ve had my share of helping organize children’s parties for my nieces and nephews, and I know how tedious they can be. Jollibee takes the hassle off the planning and lets parents have a grand time with their children during these memorable events. There is no need to worry about food, games, surprises, and even the decors. Jollibee takes care of making your child’s Hello Kitty-themed birthday as unforgettable as can be.

The Jollibee Hello Kitty Kids Party comes with a special Hello Kitty birthday cake and party amenities like invitations, party hats, loot bags, and party favors and prizes all featuring this popular feline friend. The balloons, banners, and other decorations add to the festive atmosphere of the party. No Jollibee Kids Party, of course, will be complete without the special appearance of Jollibee or any one of his cute and lovable friends.





Whether you are planning to have a birthday party with your child’s entire school or with only a handful of friends, you can have the most affordable birthday party possible with the convenience of Jollibee’s Create-Your-Own Package. All the langhap-sarap favorites like Jollibee Spaghetti, Chicken Joy, Jolly Hotdog, Yum, the Swirl, and many others are guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds of kids and adults alike.

The Hello Kitty theme is not the only party theme that you can have at Jollibee. Jollibee lets you choose from other fun themes like My Best Friend Jollibee, Jollitown Magical Party, and Batman Superhero Party. No matter which theme you and your child choose, you are sure to have the happiest birthday celebration with food and people that let you “Bee Happy.” Visit any Jollibee store not or log on to to find out how you can start planning your fun and memorable Hello Kitty Jollibee Kids Party for your little one.

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