More Enjoyable Mealtimes with Melawares Disney line feeding set

I do not have to be a mom to know how much of a challenge it is to train kids to eat on their own. The entire process takes a lot of patience and willingness to deal with clean up duty. Young children would much rather be running around or tinkering in their playhouses than being strapped to their high chair. When I got the Melawares Disney line feeding set, I thought it was the perfect way to keep my niece and nephew happier and more focused on their meals during mealtimes.


My niece and nephew were really excited to see me when I brought them their Melawares Disney line feeding sets. I think they were more excited about what’s inside the boxes that were obviously for them – the Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouse décor on the packaging were giveaway clues. I did not have qualms about handing them their boxes and letting them pull the plates and glasses out of their packaging. Melawares is a known brand that makes unbreakable and heat-resistant dinnerware.


The real test came at dinnertime. With their Melawares Disney line feeding sets all washed and ready to use, they were settled onto their chairs. They were looking forward to eating their dinner and did not fuss as much. There was no whining and complaining that night – and every meal time after that. Although it cannot be helped that they would still try to play with their food, their eyes were on their plates and they were more cooperative with their “eating” lessons. They ate their dinner one spoonful after another as they looked over at each other’s plate to see who gets to “reveal” the Disney character at the bottom of his plate first.

That was the most enjoyable mealtime I’ve had with my niece and nephew thus far. I’m sure other kids will have the same reaction too. After all, I’ve yet to meet a kid who does not love Disney characters. Now that Melawares has partnered with Disney, every little one can have fun with his meals and every parent will have a less stressful time getting their kids to stay in their high chairs at meal times.

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